Saturday, July 10, 2010

New York Knicks Salary Cap

These are the projected Salary Cap figures for the New York Knicks for the next five seasons:

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  • NY still has about $5.6 Million to pursue free agents this summer. It is likely that it will be spent on a one-year deal in order to preserve cap space for next season.
  • Available Free Agents
  • Walsh had an option between Ronny Turiaf and Vladimir Radmanovic in the David Lee-Golden State Trade. Vlad's contract was $2.8 Million more expensive for this season, but it is also expiring. Turiaf's is less expensive, but his has a player option for next year putting possible cap space in hold next season. Plus, Vlad's wing play merges well with D'Antoni's system showing Walsh's inclination to minimize salary this season; thus, Donnie Walsh will pursue another free agent this summer. Ideally, Turiaf will opt-out, or he will be traded in order to preserve more space next season; this would allow the Knicks to minimize the cap hit from the Golden State trade for this and next season.
  • If Turiaf's contract is off the books by next offseason, then the Knicks can offer another maximum salary contract without renouncing their rights to Wilson Chandler. This is courtesy of Wilson Chandler's Cap Hold which is only set at $6,391,446. The Cap Hold is the reserved salary space for a player that a team has not renounced yet. The asterisked value in the spread sheet is the difference between Chandler's Qualifying Offer and Chandler's Cap Hold. This included to show how much the Knicks would have available without renouncing their right to Chandler. 
  • Roster Spot Cap Hits have not been applied past the 2010/2011 season.
  • Notable Free Agents for Next Summer include Al Horford (Restricted), Jamal Crawford, Kendrick Perkins, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah (Restricted), Mo Williams (ETO), Caron Butler, Carmelo Anthony (ETO), Nene Hilario (ETO), Rodney Stuckey (Restricted), Tayshaun Prince, Aaron Brooks (Restricted), Yao Ming, Troy Murphy, Marc Gasol (Restricted), Zach Randolph, Michael Redd, David West (ETO), Jeff Green (Restricted), Spencer Hawes (Restricted), Thaddeus Young (Restricted), Jason Richardson, Carl Landry, Tim Duncan (ETO), Tony Parker, and Al Thornton.
EDIT: The Knicks have signed Raymond Felton to a two year deal worth $15.8 Million and Timofey Mozgov to a three year deal worth $9.7 Million.

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