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2010 NBA Mock Draft IV - June 7, 2010

Version IV

*Only notes have been made on movers, second-rounders, and previously unmentioned players.

First Round

1. Washington - John Wall -

2. Philadelphia - Evan Turner -

3. New Jersey - Derrick Favors -

4. Minnesota - Wesley Johnson -

5. Sacramento - Greg Monroe -

6. Golden State - Al-Farouq Aminu -

7. Detroit - DeMarcus Cousins -

8. L.A. Clippers - Patrick Patterson -

9. Utah (From New York via Phoenix) - Cole Aldrich -

10. Indiana - Xavier Henry -

11. New Orleans - Ekpe Udoh - Dontas Motiejunas has withdrawn allowing Udoh to climb up a couple of spots in the draft.

12. Memphis - Ed Davis -

13. Toronto - Hassan Whiteside - Toronto will be looking to replace Bosh. I like the prospect of Toronto reaching down to draft Luke Babbitt since he fits the mold of this European style of basketball that Toronto has put together; however, the Raptors will need to address an interior presence before adding more wing players.

14. Houston - Gordon Hayward - Hayward has been drawing more attention as he has been impressing scouts during training sessions and team visits.

15. Milwaukee (From Chicago) - Paul George - George has been climbing up draft boards as this small conference player has also been receiving much more attention. George’s athleticism attracts scouts and his production keeps them hooked.

16. Minnesota (From Denver via Charlotte) - James Anderson -

17. Chicago (From Milwaukee) - Larry Sanders -

18. Miami - Luke Babbitt - Babbitt’s shooting ability as well as his craftiness makes him ready to contribute on the NBA level. His size and dimensions also give an intrigue for possible improvement which makes Babbitt an appealing pick.

19. Boston - Daniel Orton -

20. San Antonio - Damion James - The Spurs have drafted fairly conservatively: always choosing the safe player over risky potential and questionable character guys. James is reliable small forward with a high motor that could provide what the Spurs have been lacking at the three with Richard Jefferson.

21. Oklahoma City - Solomon Alabi - Alabi could have a year to develop with the Thunder under a low stress situation as Nick Collison and Nenad Krstic each still has one year remaining on his contact.

22. Portland - Avery Bradley - Bradley is a talented guard who could go anywhere in the draft from the lottery to the late first round because of team needs.

23. Minnesota (From Philadelphia via Utah) - Kevin Seraphin - Seraphin is huge prospect who has exceptional athleticism and strength to accompany his size. Seraphin is still very raw which makes him all about potential. Seaphin will have time to develop behind two other prospering PF/C’s in Minnesota (Kevin Love and Al Jefferson), so there will be no rush or extended pressure upon him to produce immediately.

24. Atlanta - Eric Bledsoe - Atlanta may be losing Joe Johnson this offseason. A playmaking combo guard (which Bledsoe has proved he can be even with his small frame) could be given a look.

25. Memphis (From Denver) - Devin Ebanks - Ebanks’ poor production and questionable character issues has definitely hurt his draft stock in a draft filled with athletic three’s.

26. Oklahoma City (From Phoenix) - Gani Lawal – Lawal can help solidify OKC’s interior on both ends of the court right away.

27. New Jersey (From Dallas) - Stanley Robinson -

28. Memphis (From L.A. Lakers) - Elliot Williams – Williams would be just another talented, young guard that the Grizzles could add to their blooming roster.

29. Orlando - Willie Warren - The Magic will be looking for a player with the potential to create a spark on a team that seemed deflated when posed with adversity.

30. Washington (From Cleveland) - Craig Brackins - 

Second Round

31. New Jersey - Jarvis Varnardo - Varnardo is a lengthy center who has a niche for blocking shots on the defensive end. He blocks shots prudently with great control. His size also makes him a solid finisher and formidable rebounder.

32. Oklahoma City (From Minnesota) - Quincy Pondexter - Another scoring threat could not hurt in OKC.

33. Sacramento - Dominique Jones - Jones helps to add depth at the guard/forward for a team that has done a good job of finding these types of gems.

34. Golden State - Terrico White - Expect Golden State to snag the best available player who can run in a fast paced offense at this point in the draft.

35. Washington - Jordan Crawford - What kind of anaylsis would this be if I didn’t mention that Crawford transferred from Indiana to Xaiver after the Indiana recruiting controversy and that he was the player who dunked on LeBron James in one of the most over-publicized camera phone virals over last summer.

36. Detroit - Trevor Booker - Detroit has commitments to the one and two positions, so it should expected that the Pistons will try to add depth at the forward or center positions.

37. Milwaukee (From Philadelphia) - Darrington Hobson - Hobson was a dominant and versatile two/three/four in college at New Mexico. Expect the Hobson to be a early second round pick that could slip into the middle of the second round as a potential steal.

38. New York - Armon Johnson - Johnson is a combo guard who is expected to be drafted in the late first round or early second round. Johnson has nice size at the point with complimentary speed for a player at 6’3”.

39. New York (From Denver via L.A. Clippers) - Lance Stephenson - Stephenson was expected to be a lottery pick coming out of high school. In college, Stephenson’s production was so poor at times that it was expected that he would go undrafted. It would be a nice story if Stephenson landed back in New York where he would have the support of his families and friends to get back on track on to what looked like to be a very promising NBA career.

40. Indiana - Mikhail Torrance - Torrance had an excellent combine in which his impressive length (6’5” at point guard) and ball handling made him a standout. Torrance’s ability to use both hands so well allows him to be an extremely creative passer.

41. Miami (From New Orleans) - Jerome Jordan - Jordan is a seven footer out of Tulsa. Last year his draft stock was all over the place as he demonstrated the size and potential of a first round pick.

42. Miami (From Toronto) - AJ Ogilvy - The big Aussie has had a lot of experience playing at the highest levels of collegiate and international basketball. Ogilvy has never been a game changer but his size allows him to have a significant presence on both ends of the floor in terms of space and rebounding.

43. L.A. Lakers (From Memphis) - Sherron Collins - Collins has become a legend at the Fieldhouse. Collins is a leader with great motivation and work ethic. He has always been clutch in the final few minutes of the game. Collins understands that making the best play is more important than him making the final basket in the closing seconds. Late this season, Collins he fell into a rough spell which led many to question his ability pushing Collins out of the first round. He definitely has the playmaking and character to be an NBA point guard. It may take some time to transition, but Collins has the work ethic to be a starter.

44. Portland (From Chicago) - Samardo Samuels - Portland has done a nice job of adding young big men behind the frequently injured Greg Oden. Samuels could be the next in a line of stolen PF/C’s in the second round of the draft for the Trailblazers.

45. Minnesota (From Houston) - Nemanja Bjelica - Bjelica is extremely versatile. At 6’10” Bjelica has the height of a center, but he plays with the skill set of a point guard. Bjelica possess solid passing and ball-handling abilities which make him an intriguing prospect. His combination of size and touch rings the sound of potential.

46. Phoenix (From Charlotte) - Lazar Hayward - Hayward is a reliable scorer and defender who can fit into the up-tempo pace of the Suns as a wing player. Hayward can also play at the post which makes him a dynamic forward.

47. Milwaukee - Keith “Tiny” Gallon - His nickname is actually appropriate for a 6’8”, 300 pound forward. Gallon seems to prefer difficultly forced, face-to-the-basket shots as opposed to using his body and manipulating at the post.

48. Miami - Grevis Vasquez - Vasquez can become a fan favorite down in Miami because of the electric playmaking he brings to the table. His size allows him to be a combo guard which will help to provide long-term depth behind Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers.

49. San Antonio - Luke Harangody - It would not be surprising for the Spurs to take a risk on another high motor, Big East PF/C after DeJuan Blair turned out to be such an effective rebounder and role player. Harangody works well at the post as he has developed a reliable skill set with his back to the basket and face up.

50. Dallas (From Oklahoma City) - Paulao Prestes - He is a bulldozer. Prestes weighs in the high two-hundreds with a height of 6’10” and a noticeably large wingspan. His second home is inside the paint where he uses his large body. Prestes is appropriately nicknamed King Kong. Also, Prestes has good character which allows many to bypass the flaws in his game and athleticism.

51. Oklahoma City (From Dallas and Minnesota via Portland) - Alexey Shved - Shved is a work in progress. His game is a little wild and still needs seasoning, but he plays for one of the best European Basketball teams, CSKA Moscow, which will allow him to develop while he is still tied in Russia because of military obligations.

52. Boston - Da’Sean Butler - Butler can turn out to be a gem in the second round. He is an extremely well rounded player with tremendous character. Butler’s work ethic will allow him to be, at the very least, a reliable role player. He can create for himself and teammates off the dribble. He is a leader who is willing, and can make, the last shot of the game. His athleticism and frame also makes him a useful defender. A season-ending leg injury draws caution to Butler who otherwise would seem to be a great pick.

53. Atlanta - Charles Garcia - Garcia was a guard for most of his basketball days but a growth spurt has led him to transition to the PF/C; however, he is still stuck in the transition which makes him a tenuous pick. As Garcia has retained many skills he obtained as a guard he has become prone to excessive turnovers. His reluctance to go inside for easier baskets is something that will need to change if he wants to play at the NBA, but since he does possess the size and length to be effective inside there is no doubt that it could become possible. With a developed inside game, Garica could become very dangerous with his mobility.

54. L.A. Clippers (From Denver) - Derrick Caracter - Caracter started his collegiate career at Louisville but eventually transferred to UTEP after off-the-court issues placed a significant blemish on his career at Louisville. The smaller stage of UTEP allowed Caracter to continue his development with being under such harsh criticism. He has great mobility and athleticism which is combined with exceptional strength to make him quite effective inside. He also possesses a nice feel for the game and is excellent with the basketball. The glaring dilemma with him branches from his off-the-court issues. His mentality and work ethic are questionable which will lead teams to shy away from a player who does not have the dedication to play in the NBA. At Louisville, Caracter seemed invisible at times which was a big problem. This guy definitely has the ability to be a higher pick. He just needs to prove it.

55. Utah - Dexter Pittman – Pittman is basically the opposite of Caracter. The two have similarly large frames, but that is where the similarities stop. Pittman came into college as an oversized body who worked himself into shape to become an effective interior player. He uses his body to fight off defenders and grasp rebounds. Pittman’s work ethic basically turned him into a draft pick.

56. Minnesota (From Phoenix) - Pablo Aguilar - In addition to having a great athlete’s name, Pablo seems to be fitting the niche as a wing, role player. His height at 6’8” give him a great edge on the perimeter as he does most of his damage from outside the arc. He also possesses the intangibles which have made him a productive player on the European level at a young age. He still has room for development which makes him a solid potential pick; a team that drafts him can leave Pablo overseas to continue to develop or a team can bring him over as a small-minute role player because of his fairly seasoned game.

57. Dallas (pick may be conveyed to Indiana) - Latavious Williams - Williams went straight out of High School to the NBDL which stirred headlines earlier in the year. Williams possesses great size and athleticism. His quickness and strength makes you question if Williams could have been a successful defensive end because of the size the compliments such impressive physical attributes. In terms of basketball, Williams is very raw. He contributes effectively on the boards but that is about it. Offensively he is absent, but he is still showing some promise on the defensive end because of his physique. The intriguing facet about Williams is his work ethic and willingness to learn which could offer a promising role player career for Williams.

58. L.A. Lakers - Denis Clemente - Clemente was a solid scorer at Kansas St. His speed allowed him to drive in the lane and slash to find easier baskets. Clemente also brought great energy and leadership to the floor. Through his years at Kansas St. Clemente played in many different situations showing his plasticity in terms of playing with different teammates and in different styles of play.

59. Orlando - Omar Samhan - Many project Samhan to go undrafted because his athleticism simply does not translate to the NBA; however, Samhan is a genius on the low block which will allow him to be a successful basketball at any professional level. As long as he plays on a court with a backboard, Samhan is nearly unguardable. He utilizes his body to wisely establish position and then can pass in and out of the low post which makes him a menace. His low post game is craft and he uses the backboard to make improbable shots from awkward angles. Samhan is great in the half court. Samhan was also a solid interior presense on defense on the smaller collegiate level. Unfortunately, Samhan would be a liability in any fast paced offense and he would require tremendous endurance work in order to build up the stamina for a NBA paced game. Orlando would be a great fit for Samhan who could help motiviate Dwight Howard to develop a better set of low post moves. In the right match-up, Samhan could be a solid piece alongside Howard. Also, Samhan would be motivated to work into better shape because of the higher physique standards required by the Florida weather.

60. Phoenix (From Cleveland) - Andy Rautins – Rautins is in the perfect mold of being a consistent role player in the NBA. Hands-down, he was one of the best shooters in college basketball last season. Rautins improved himself on the defensive end and was an adequate contributor on defense. Rautins also demonstrated great leadership and character. Rautins also has international experience from playing on Team Canada.

Second Round Considerations: Arinzi Onuaku, Artsiom Parakhouski, Aubrey Coleman, Brian Zoubek, Bryan Davis, Courtney Fortson, Deon Thompson, Deonta Vaughn, DeShawn Sims, Devin Downey, Dwayne Collins, Dwight Lewis, Gavin Edwards, Hamady Ndiaye, Ishmael Smith, Jermaine Beal, Jerome Dyson, Jerome Randle, Jon Scheyer, JP Prince, Landon Milbourne, Landry Fields, Manny Harris, Marcus Ginyard, Marqus Blakely, Matt Bouldin, Michael Washington, Osiris Eldridge, Patrick Christopher, Raymar Morgan, Robin Benzing, Scottie Reynolds, Sylven Landesberg, Tasmin Mitchell, Tommy Mason-Griffin, Trevon Hughes, Wayne Chism

NCAA Undrafted: Armon Bassett, C.J. Webster, Elijah Millsap, John Sloan, Lazar Trifunovic, Mac Koshwal, Stevy Worah-Ozimo, Ben Uzoh, Chas McFarland, Dominique Archie, Edwin Ubiles, Jeff Foote, Kevin Palmer, Magnum Rolle, Marquez Haynes, Marquis Gilstrap, Rodney Green, Sylvester Seay, Theo Robertson

International Undrafted: Tyler Smith, Andrew Albicy, Stefan Bircevic, Bojan Bogdanovic, Sarra Camara, Antoine Diot, Bangaly Fofana, Miralem Halilovic, Thomas Heurtel, Edwin Jackson, Dusan Korac, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Luc Louves, Uros Lukovic, Tomasz Nowakowski, Tibor Pleiss, Xavier Rabaseda, Fernando Raposo, Ryan Richards, Semen Shashkov

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