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2010 NBA Mock Draft I - May 19, 2010

Version I - Lottery Picks

First Round

1. Washington - John Wall - Wall is the Best Player Available. He is NBA-ready, yet he has plenty of potential still left to develop. He is a play-maker and a leader. He has incredible athleticism in terms of speed, agility, and jumping ability. He also proved himself to be quite durable throughout the college season.

2. Philadelphia - Evan Turner - An everything threat. Turner demonstrated the size and skill to do anything on the court on the college level. If his game translates, then he will be a dangerous player. Turner is one of the most versatile players I have ever seen.

3. New Jersey - Derrick Favors - Size? Check. Athleticism? Check. Defensive Presence? Check. Low-Post Ability? Question Mark. Favors is the typical Power Forward/Center Prospect with great defensive abilities, incredible physical gifts, and a developing offensive game. He can immediately come in as a hustle player, and he can eventually become an imposing player in the league one he develops a reliable go-to game on the low block.

4. Minnesota - Wesley Johnson - Johnson is an incredible athlete with a savvy ability to score. His athleticism allows him to score around the rim but his shooting ability makes him a nightmare for defenders. His versatility and motor also make him one of the most reliable defenders on the court. Johnson is the type of reliable scorer that the T'Wolves were lacking last season.

5. Sacramento - Greg Monroe - Sacramento's balance allows them to select the Best Player available here. If any of the above players drop then no one should be surprised if Sacramento takes anyone that slides out of the top four. As the draft process continues, Monroe will rise toward the top of the lottery because he is simply a good basketball player. No big man has a better basketball IQ and only a few guards are of comparable intelligence. He has a polished low-post game. Monroe's passing ability is unhearlded and his defense is sound. His only (and well documented) flaw is that he is too passive on the offensive end; his lack of aggression to take shots sometimes led Monroe to disappear from games.

6. Golden State - Al-Farouq Aminu - Aminu possess the athleticism and speed to play in the fast paced Warriors' system under Don Nelson. Aminu even had preparation to play in an up-and-down system by playing with Ishmael Smith at Wake Forest.

7. Detroit - DeMarcus Cousins - Detriot will be seeking a big man. Expect the Pistons to select among DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, or Ed Davis. Cousins has one of the most formidable frames in the draft pool. His size and strength are NBA ready which allowed him to dominate around the basket on both ends of the floor during his season at Kentucky. The glaring question with Cousins is his character. There have been questions about his maturity, effort, and composure all throughout the draft process. His mentality can be absolutely detrimental to a successful NBA career which make him a risky pick.

8. L.A. Clippers - Patrick Patterson - The Clippers will be extremely active this offseason as they will only have six players not under contract (one of which has a qualifying offer). Most of the players projected in this range of the draft will be big men. The one that the Clippers select will likely depend on what type of players they plan to pursue in free agency. Patterson is a well seasoned Junior out of Kentucky. Patterson has an exquisite inside-outside balance which makes very dangerous on the offensive end. Patterson is solid on the defensive end but not dominant like some other players available here.

9. Utah (From New York via Phoenix) - Cole Aldrich - The Jazz will likely look to replace a departing Carlos Boozer. Aldrich is a high character big man with size and length that allow him to contribute on every single play. Aldrich has the fundamentals of the game down. He is restrained by side speed and outside shooting. Aldrich is simply the prototypical big man.

10. Indiana - Xavier Henry - With a plethora of big men, the Pacers will look to add a guard which should lead Indiana to either move down in the draft or reach for a guard. Henry is a solid all-around scorer. He has a nice shooting touch and is able to penetrate the lane. Henry is also quite reliable on the defensive end. The big question about Henry is his ability to create off the dribble and actually get into the lane. While he can score once he is in the lane, Henry has a hard to maneuvering into it which will surely limit his game when he is playing against NBA players who are as athletic and physical as he is.

11. New Orleans - Dontas Motiejunas - Motiejunas is another one of those big European shooters that follow the mold of Dirk Nowitzki and Andrea Bargnani. While most of these European big men default from a steep learning curve, Motiejunas will be able to learn for another big man that traveled this path in Peja Stojakovic. Motiejunas is great on the outside and is basically a guard in a big man's body. Worst comes to worst Dontas will be a giant two guard at 7'0"". His outside game will surely create mismatches whether defenses put faster, smaller on him or larger, slower players. If he develops an inside game then Motiejunas can become extremely dominant.

12. Memphis - Ed Davis - Davis' draft stock suffers greatly because of the exorbitant number of talent big men in the draft. Davis is unquestionably a top 10 talent that the Grizzles can snag just outside of his value. He is along and athletic big man who uses his size to take over the offensive and defensive board. His length and athleticism really allow him to utilize the air-game of basketball (alley-oops, high passes, hanging shots, blocks). Davis has nice intangibles but is still a bit raw on the low-block especially since he sat out of most of last season with a hand injury.

13. Toronto - Ekpe Udoh - Toronto will be looking to replace Chris Bosh if they are unable to resign him this offseason. The Draft will provide some protection if they cannot retain this perennial All-Star. Udoh is a high motor, high IQ basketball player. He is well seasoned allowing him to utilize his lengthy body for excellent positioning in order to score, rebound, block, and defend. Udoh's most impressive attribute is his versatility which make him extremely competitive on both ends of the floor.

14. Houston - Hassan Whiteside - Whiteside bursted onto the scene last season with spectacular athleticism and scoring ability (both inside and out) at Marshall. Whiteside is an extremely raw player. As said by NBA Express, Whiteside is epitomized by term "immature." He is tall but does not have competent build. His off the court character is questionable. And his basketball IQ is still developing as he seeks to only score once he has the ball. Whiteside is an excellent shot-blocker, but his blocks will surely decrease as he plays against more physically gifted and smarter players.

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  1. I'm really hoping that Cole Aldrich will slip down, and the Raps can get ahold of him.
    They need a big, tough Center.

    Nice mock draft.