Monday, February 22, 2010

Yankees 2010 Projected Lineup

The New York Yankees lineup will look definitely look different after several key off-season acquisitions and departures. There are no decent predictions on the Internet so here is my take on the 2010 New York Yankees Depth Chart.


C: Jorge Posada
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Robinson Cano
SS: Derek Jeter
3B: Alex Rodriguez
LF: Brett Gardner
CF: Curtin Granderson
RF: Nick Swisher
Bench: Ramiro Pena, Randy Winn, Jamie Hoffman, & Greg Golson


1 Granderson (L)
2 Jeter (R)
3 Teixeira (S)
4 Rodriguez (R)
5 Cano (L)
6 Posada (S)
7 Johnson (L)
8 Swisher (S)
9 Gardner (L) / Winn (S) / Hoffman (R) / Golson (R) *

*Expect Gardner to start because of his speed, his effort into bunting, and his effort into hitting past infielders guarding the bunt. There will also be some rotation with Swisher and Johnson depending on rest days and streaks opening up opportunities for Winn.


1. CC Sabathia (L)
2. A.J. Burnett (R)
3. Javier Vazquez (R)
4. Andy Pettitte (L)
5. Phil Hughes (R) / Joba Chamberlin (R) **

**The Hughes-Chamberlin battle will be an intense matchup for spring training and the early weeks of the season. The Yankees will not be able to establish a smooth rhythm until the final pitching spot in the rotation is settled. Both players have been quite whimsical so far. Hughes has shown incredible dominance out of the bullpen as he developed a cut fastball and a more deceptive off-speed pitch. Chamberlin has some of the "nastiest stuff" most fans have ever seen. Whoever wins will be 5th starter and the other stud will be next-in- line if an unfortunate injury occurs; however, in the meantime the counterpart will be trying to hold opponents scoreless in the 8th.


CL: Mariano Rivera (R)
8th: Hughes / Chamberlain**
7th: David Robertson (R) / Demaso Marte (L) ***
RP:Chad Gaudin & Alfredo Aceves
Last RP Spot will be spring battle between Edwar Ramirez, Mark Melancon, recent signee Chan Ho Park, Andrew Brackman, Jonathan Albaladejo, and Boone Logan. ****

***The 7th inning will be decided upon who is hot and the righty/lefty matchup advantage.
****Personally, I remember Edwar Ramirez' first outing when he struck out the side using what seemed to be an incredible change up, so I am favoring him. If he spends his time wisely with Mariano Rivera then he should be able to develop a decent cut fastball in spring training (hopefully he has been working on it over the offseason). A solid cut along with a revived change-up from his early debuts could make him a stable in the Yankee Pen.

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