Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bracketism 304 - February 10, 2010

First I would like to address several comments made about my inclusion of BYU in the South regional in my last bracket. It is true that the bracket committee mistakenly placed BYU in a region which would have assigned them a Sunday matchup later in the tournament in 2003 which created much controversy leading the selection committee to install an alternate plan if BYU had won several game forcing a Sunday game-time. Yes BYU does not play on Sundays due to religious adherences; however, the South region is not a guaranteed to be a Friday-Sunday region every year. In fact, the South was not a Friday-Sunday region last year (2009's bracket). But the South region is set as a Friday-Sunday schedule for this season so I apologize for the mistake.

I appreciate the concern as well as the curious and skeptical fan nature. I am quite pleased that there are fans knowledgeable fans out there seeking to understand college basketball as best as they can.

Midwest - St. Louis (Friday/Sunday)
1 Kansas
16 Arkansas St. / Jackson St.
8 Maryland
9 Illinois
5 Butler
12 Marquette
4 Ohio St.
13 Kent St.
3 Tennessee
14 Weber St.
6 Temple
11 St. Mary's
7 Texas A&M
10 Clemson
2 Georgetown
15 Morgan St.

West - Salt Lake City (Thursday/Saturday)
1 Villanova
16 Pacific
8 Missouri
9 Mississippi
5 Gonzaga
12 South Florida
4 Georgia Tech
13 Utah St.
3 Kansas St.
14 Sam Houston St.
7 Rhode Island
10 California
2 Purdue
15 Oakland


East - Syracuse (Thursday/Saturday)
1 Kentucky
16 Lehigh
8 Xavier
5 Pittsburgh
12 Florida
4 New Mexico
13 Northeastern
3 Wisconsin
14 Murray St.
6 Wake Forest
11 Cornell
7 Baylor
10 Charlotte
2 West Virginia
15 Vermont

South - Houston (Friday/Sunday)
1 Syracuse
16 Belmont
8 Florida St.
9 Richmond
5 Vanderbilt
12 Siena
4 Texas
13 College of Charleston
3 Michigan St.
14 Coastal Carolina
6 Northern Iowa
11 Louisville
10 Old Dominion
2 Duke
15 Robert Morris

First Four Out - Oklahoma St., Dayton, Wichita St., and Connecticut
Next Four Out - Washington, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, and Mississippi St
Honorable Mentions - Texas Tech, North Carolina, VCU, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Arizona, Northwestern, Oklahoma, South Carolina, William & Mary, Virgina, George Mason, Boston College, Arkansas, and San Diego St.

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  1. Do you even watch college hoops? tennessee seeded ahead of Vandy ? Vandy has better RPI, better conference record, more road wins and ......ta da.....SWEPT Tennessee this year.