Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bracketism 303 - January 31, 2010

Midwest - St. Louis
1 Kansas
16 Prairie View A&M / Quinnipiac
8 Xavier
9 Clemson
5 Pittsburgh

12 Charlotte
4 Tennessee
13 Cornell
3 Duke
14 Coastal Carolina
6 Ohio St.
11 Texas A&M
10 Illinois
2 West Virginia
15 Vermont

South - Houston
1 Kentucky
16 Jacksonville
8 Missouri
9 Louisville
5 Baylor
12 William & Mary
4 Wisconsin
13 College of Charleston
3 Gonzaga
14 Pacific
11 Maryland
7 Wake Forest
10 Richmond
2 Georgetown
15 Morgan St.


West - Salt Lake City
1 Syracuse
16 Arkansas St.
8 Northern Iowa
9 Rhode Island
5 New Mexico
12 Florida
4 Georgia Tech
13 Kent St.
3 Kansas St.
14 Murray St.
6 Mississippi
11 Cincinnati
7 California
10 Oklahoma St.
2 Michigan St.
15 Oral Roberts

East - Syracuse
1 Villanova
16 Lafayette
8 Florida St.
9 Old Dominion
5 Vanderbilt
12 Marquette
4 Temple
13 Louisiana Tech
3 Purdue
14 Sam Houston St.
6 Connecticut
11 Siena
7 Butler
10 North Carolina
2 Texas
15 Weber St.

First Four Out - Washington, Mississippi St., St. Mary's, and UTEP
Next Four Out - Dayton, Northwestern, Boston College, and Wichita St.
Honorable Mentions - Arizona, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Seton Hall, South Carolina, Texas Tech,
UNLV, VCU, and Virginia Tech


  1. Just to help you out a little bit - BYU can only play in the West or East bracket (no Sunday play rule)

  2. Hey Geoff,

    Thanks for the comment. I am quite unfamiliar with the rule and I am sure many of the other readers are unaware of it as well. We would greatly appreciate it if you could expand on this particular circumstance and any other teams in similar situations.

  3. time to put Utah State in over LTU don't you think?

    BYU is a 3 seed. Their pre conference schedule is looking stonger by the day with USU, Arizona, UTEP all Bubble teams and favored to win their conferences. BYU killed SFU by 25 that knocked off Gonzaga last week. If they get by UNLV on Sat. BYU should go 30/2 for the rest of the regular season and a possible 2 seed.

  4. losing to Utah state who will win the very weak Wac isn't much UTEP is ok and Arizona is very young not a very good nonconference have not proven anything yet. No UNLV in the tourney that is just dumb

  5. BYU's religous beliefs prohibit them from playing on Sunday. Therefore, they can not play at any of the sites that have Fri-Sun games....they can only play in the regions that play on Thur-Sat.

    Also, two teams from the same conference can not be in the same 8 team pod unless there are 9 or more teams from the conference in the tourney, (Maryland, Wake) my projections, I only list the seeds and dont try to bracket it out. Its easier to read our true seedings that way anyway....

    bracketball 101

  6. Perhaps its time to put UNLV. You happen to be the ONLY bracketer of 55 on the Bracket Matrix to leave UNLV out.