Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 MLB Accolades

AL Cy Young

5. CC Sabathia - Ace of the best team in baseball.
4. Roy Halladay - Nine complete games and four shutouts. Simply quality to pitch the entire game for almost a third of his starts.
3. Justin Verlander - Most strikeouts, wins, and innings pitched in baseball. He also kept the Tigers in the playoff hunt for the entire season.
2. Felix Hernandez - King Felix tied Sabathia, Verlander, and Wainwright for the most wins in baseball. He also had the second lowest ERA.
1. Zack Greinke - Greinke posted an incredible ERA of 2.19 and was a top 10 pitcher in almost every single pitching category. Greinke all put Kansas City back on the map earlier in the season when he had the extensive run-free streak and then kept his ERA well under 2 for most of the season.


Honorable Mention: Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu
4. Adam Lind - Lind has been under the radar for most of the season as Toronto's downfall and the Roy Halladay rumors were most of the news read and heard from those outside of Toronto. Lind batter .305 with 35 home runs and 115 RBIs.
3. Miguel Cabrera - Miggy was the heart of the Detriot Tigers as he finished in the top ten in home runs, RBIs, Batting Average, Slugging, OBP, and OPS.
2. Mark Teixeira - Teixeira isn't the epitome of most valuable player. The Yankees would fair without him, but he certainly helped escalate a great team to a legendary team, by leading the AL in home runs (39) and RBIs (122), and posting top ten numbers in runs scored, slugging, walks, and OPS.
1. Joe Mauer - Mauer had great numbers but missing a month of the season and leading his team to a playoff spot by putting playing well behind the plate has made Mauer the clear-cut MVP. 28 home runs and 96 RBIs is respectable. To do it by leading the the AL in Batting Average (.365), OBP (.444), SLG (.587), and OPS (1.031) is simply incredible.

NL Cy Young

Honorable Mention: Dan Haren, Jair Jurrjens, Matt Cain, Clayton Kershaw
4. Javier Vazquez - Vazquez has finally found a home in Atlanta. Finally grasping his pitches under control, Vazquez finished the season with almost a 6:1 strikeout to walk. Hopefully, he has more in him and can led the Braves back to glory with Jurrjens.
3. Chris Carpenter - Simply the best numbers for any pitcher with under 30 starts, but with more than 162 innings pitched. Not only was Carpenter hard to hit, but he kept his mistakes low and rally gave up a home-run ball or a walk. If he hadn't missed games early on, then it would be hard imaging Carpenter not winning the Cy Young.
2. Adam Wainwright - Along with Carpenter, Wainwright led the resurrected St. Louis pitching staff to the upper echelon of baseball. With the league high 19 wins, and top 10 ERA and Strikeout numbers, Wainwright is a solid candidates and even had a great performance against the Dodgers in the playoffs - which unfortunately ended in a loss after a blown save - proving he is a reliable post-season pitcher in addition to being one of the best during the regular season.
1. Tim Lincecum - 2.48 ERA, 261 Strikeouts, and 1.05 WHIP. Not to mention 4 complete games, 2 shutouts, and only 10 allowed home-runs.


Honorable Mention: Ryan Braun, Derrick Lee
5. Troy Tulowitzki - Tulo started the season very cold, but picked his game up when it counted most and helped led the Rockies to another playoff appearance.
4. Prince Fielder - Fielder put up 46, HRs, 141 RBIs, and ranked in the top six for runs, walks, OBP, SLG, and OPS. Too bad those incredible stats did not come with a playoff appearence.
3. Ryan Howard - Flat out Power. 40 HRs. 140 RBIs. Howard also helped make the Phillies offense part of a playoff team. If can cut down on the strikeouts and step up his defensive play, then Howard's name could closer to the likes of Pujols.
2. Hanley Ramirez - Few players have ever had the offensive versatility of Hanley. He hits for average, power, and speed without faults in any of the three. Simply great numbers across the board for Ramirez in terms of BA, Stolen bases, RBIs, OBP, SLG, OPS, HRs, runs, and doubles.
1. Albert Pujols - Baseball statisticians will need new percentages to categorize Pujols. He made a mockery of SLG and OPS this season as he led the league in both with .658 and 1.101 respectively. Not to mention 47 deep balls, 135 runs driven in, 115 walks, and only 64 strikeouts. And top that off with 16 stolen bases and a league high 124 runs. And top the topping with a gold glove performance at first base.

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