Friday, July 17, 2009

Time to consider a BIG Trade

Rumors are still stirring as three-way trades between Utah, Portland, and Chicago as well as Utah, Portland, and New York. So far these trade rumors have only addressed the needs of two teams while settling the third team to lose.

Every team's priorities must be considered.

It would be a mistake for Walsh to trade Lee without packaging Jeffries or Curry. Utah wants to cut salaries - not break even. And Portland would like a PG, and Lee or Millsap. It is important to recognize Andre Miller's free agent status and the inclusion of a sign-and-trade, as well as the possibility of Chicago's involvement. Here is my best stab at a trade:

New York - Andre Miller(POR), Darius Miles' salary (POR)

Portland - David Lee(NY), Kirk Hinrich(CHI)

Utah - Tyrus Thomas(CHI)

Chicago - Carlos Boozer(UTA), Jerryd Bayless(POR), Jared Jeffries(NY)

Everyone's goals are met in this trade. NY acquires a PG and cuts Jared Jeffries loose. Portland acquires a young power forward and an elite point guard. Utah cuts Carlos Boozer's salary, while acquiring a young stud that may replace Kirlenko if they are unable to resign him next year. Chicago does trade away two solid pieces, but in return they receive Boozer who has the Bird exception for next year, a promising point guard in Jerryd Bayless at a discount price, and defensive help in Jared Jeffries.

Each team has to give up something they value; however, every single team is put into a better standing for the future. NY cuts Jeffries contract, Portland secures two young talents, Utah is no longer in a financial stranglehold, and Chicago has first shoot at locking up a prized power forward (and a discounted point guard of the future in addition to Rose).

The only complication is Miles' salary situation. I would have suggested sending Travis Outlaw and Tim Thomas/Jerome James to NY, but the Knicks cannot reacquire either James or Thomas and Thomas was just recently waived. The next scernario would be to send Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw to New York, but then the Blazers would be stuck with only one point guard. If Miles' salary is tradeable then this one can do the trick. If not, then we are back to step one.

EDIT: An alternative to Darius Miles' salary could be the inclusion of Travis Outlaw and another sign-and-trade by Portland with the Trailblazers utilizing their Mid-Level-Exception, so the Blazers do not have to become thin at point guard.

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