Thursday, June 25, 2009

NYK Post-Draft Standing

The Knicks came out of the Draft with Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas, and Darko Milicic so next year looks like this before free agency:

PG Duhon / Douglas
SG Hughes / Robinson
SF Chandler / Gallinari / Jeffries
PF Harrington / Hill
C Lee / Milicic / Curry

I do not see Walsh resigning Wilcox since Walsh will offer a one year deal at best while other teams will be looking to secure a back up PF / C and will be willing to sign for multiple years.
The team does have three roster spots left so I wouldn't be surprised if they sign some of the young players from last year (such as Sene, Nichols, Sims, Samb, Hunter or Joe Crawford) or goes out to try out some undrafted prospects.

In the end it is important to realize the objectives of this season (in this order):
1) Trade away Eddy Curry
2) Maximize the value of David Lee
3) Trade away Jared Jeffries
4) Acquire a point guard of the future or secure a commitment

Winning is not foremost. Any success this season is a side bonus. Step two will come hand in hand with another one of the other steps in all likelihood. I can really see Objective One or Three along with Two and Four all occurring at once in which the Knicks trade Eddy Curry or Jared Jeffries and David Lee for a point guard. Toney Douglas will be good and the Knicks have had success at the end of the first round before (with David Lee); however, a more sufficient player would be more satisfying.
Whether the Knicks trade Jeffries or Curry in this point guard trade I so surely believe in will depend on how much Lee sparks in the market. It sounds like he will be offered between $8 and $11 million, so for the purpose of these trades I will suggest he earns $9.5 million.

New York / Minnesota

David Lee


Jonny Flynn
Brian Cardinal or Etan Thomas
Mark Madson or Craig Smith

In this trade the T-Wolves come to their senses and part with Flynn knowing that there is no reason to keep him and Rubio, especially with Sebestian Telfair coming into his own and the safety net of Nick Calathes. David Lee's versatility allows him to play the three or move inside to back up or rotate with Al Jefferson and Kevin Love at the four and five. Minnesota will be a perenial inside team for years to come. Plus with a young team in the backcourt, it is nice to have reliable big men to secure shots when games become rough or speed out of control.

New York / Portland

David Lee


Darius Miles
Jerryd Bayless

The Trailblazers were looking to cut ties with Bayless. If they are still interested in trading him, some security for the injury prone Greg Oden would be wise. Oden has missed two handfuls of games and if he does come back healthy you cannot expect him to play too long. David Lee is a work horse who would start when Oden is out or can come in for thirty plus minutes when Aldridge or Oden need to come out. Insurance would come at a great value, especially since it would be a one year deal and if Oden does prove to be reliable the Trailblazer can cut Lee loose after the season. But if he isn't then the Blazers have cashed in with other great trade.

New York / Phoenix

David Lee
Wilson Chandler


Steve Nash
1st Round Pick

I wouldn't be a Knicks fan if I didn't throw this trade in. It is a tough trade both ways; the Suns lose the corner stone of their franchise while the Knicks lose their two most valuable assets. The teams swap players who will be going into the free agency of 2010, but Phoenix comes out with a low priced small forward that can guard the two, three, and four, he can play in almost any system, and is low priced because of the draft choice contract.

None of the trades above include Jeffries or Curry for salary purposes. In order to dump Curry the trade will need to include overpriced expiring contracts; thus, complicating the situation and making it difficult to trade him. On the other hand, if Lee signs for less than expected then it will be easy to throw Jeffries into a trade in order to balance salaries

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