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2009 NBA Mock Draft VI - June 20, 2009

Version VI

First Round

1. LA Clippers - Blake Griffin -
2. Memphis - Hasheem Thabeet - If Thabeet continues his development in the post, then he will become a reliable go to guy down low - which the Grizzlies need.
3. Oklahoma City - James Harden -
4. Sacramento - Ricky Rubio - Rubio's visit to Sacramento didn't go to well, but it is hard to imagine the Kings passing up on him if he is available here.
5. Washington - Jordan Hill - Hill has had impressive workouts with most teams which should secure himself a spot in the top five.
6. Minnesota - Tyreke Evans - This pick is expected to secure a scorer. The Wolves experienced a plythera of injuries last year needed a go-to scorer. Evans or Curry will be the likely pick here.
7. Golden State - Brandon Jennings - The Warriors never guaranteed they would not select a point guard to Ellis.

8. New York - Stephen Curry - Knicks order of priority here: Jordan Hill, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, and Jrue Holiday.
9. Toronto - Demar DeRozan - DeRozan has been floating around the ten spot for most of the draft process. He has sneaked up to six because of his incredible talent and athleticism, but has fallen into the mid-teens because he lacks basketball savvy and the intangibles. The Raptors have will have a busy off-season having to deal with Bosh and Marion, and on top of that Anthony Parker, Carlos Delfino, and Joey Graham will be free agents. DeRozan will provide some depth at the 2/3 and ease the free agent decisions since they will not be desperate to resign one of the guards.
10. Milwaukee - Jonny Flynn - Flynn will not fall past the Bucks; however, there is a strong possibility that the ascending Flynn is taken before ten.
11. New Jersey - Jrue Holiday - Holiday is one of the uncertainties in this draft along with Terrence Williams, B.J. Mullens, and Tyler Hansbrough. Any of these guys can go as high as here (with the exception of Holiday who can crack the top five) or fall down to the early twenties. Let's see where potential takes us this year.
12. Charlotte - Gerald Henderson - Expect this pick to be Henderson or a SG that fell out of the top ten such as Demar DeRozan. If no 2's are avaliable then Blair or Clark seem to be the next best bets.
13. Indiana - DeJuan Blair - This pick has to be a power forward. If Blair is taken by now, the Pacers should go with either Clark or Johnson.

14. Phoenix - Earl Clark - It would be wise for Steve Kerr to secure a point guard this season. For the offseason Kerr need to either have Nash promise to stay, trade for a guard using O'Neal, or draft a point. I like Ty Lawson here since it will allow him to develop behind Nash, but Kerr seems confident that Nash will stay after Kerr flew to New York to chat with him.
15. Detroit - B.J. Mullens - The Pistons said they would select Mullens if he was available at 15. He should be there after sliding out of the top five after an underachieving year at Ohio State.
16. Chicago - James Johnson - The Bulls hope that DeJuan Blair will fall to them here, but that is unlikely unless NBA scouts and GMs are really that discouraged by his height. Johnson will be a great pick here.
17. Philadelphia - Ty Lawson - Phily needs to draft a point guard. Lawson has been slipping lately which will make a lovely fit for the Sixers. If he isn't avaiable then Eric Maynor would be a great back up plan.
18. Minnesota (from Miami) - Eric Maynor - The Timberwolves have a lot of uncertainty in terms of guards. Telfair hasn't been the protege expected, Mike Miller had a very poor season as he was quite unreliable, and the expected pick at number six will be Stephen Curry or Tyreke Evans.
19. Atlanta - Austin Daye - Several of the Hawks big men will be free agents this year. Daye will be a nice addition if the Hawks happen to lose one of two though he needs to toughen up inside.
20. Utah - Tyler Hansbrough - With Boozer, Okur, and Millisap going into free agency, the Jazz need to draft a forward.
21. New Orleans - Jeff Teague - The Hornets need to address their backcourt if they do not intend to sign a point guard. Teague will be a great replacement for what they lost in Pargo last year.
22. Dallas - Terrence Williams - The Mavericks are thin in terms of big men. Terrence Williams is the best available option here, but expect the Mavs to sign a free agent that is proven.
23. Sacramento (from Houston) - Chase Budinger -
24. Portland - Omri Casspi - The Blazers could use some depth behind Oden and Aldridge. All of their other fowards and centers beside Pryziblla have expiring contracts. Casspi will be in Europe for another year, so he may be an unlikely pick. With Gani Lawal and Damion James withdrawing, other players a pushed up thinning the available big men here. DaJuan Summers, the next pick, has size but not the skill set to play power forward. A reach for Taj Gibson seems possible, trading down for Jonas Jerekbo or Victor Claver is another reasonable option.
25. Oklahoma City (from San Antonio) - DaJuan Summers - Summers will nice perimeter option for the Thunder. His size is sure to create mismatches similar to the ones Peja Stojakovic and Vladimir Radmanovic create
26. Chicago (from Denver via Oklahoma City) - Wayne Ellington - Ellington is a sharp shooter who will play shooting guard. You have to question his entire game, but there is no doubt about his shooting.
27. Memphis (from Orlando) - Sam Young - Young will provide solid depth behind Mayo.
29. LA Lakers - Rodrigue Beaubois - The Lakers want to select a European in hope that he will stay in Europe for another years in order to save a roster spot and cap room.
30. Cleveland - Taj Gibson - The Cavaliers have been drawn to Gibson since he is a solid shoot blocker and rebounder. He also gives them lee-way in negotiations with Anderson Varejao during free agency since resigning Varejao will not be imperative.

Second Round

31. Sacramento - Marcus Thornton
32. Washington - Darren Collison
33. Portland (from LA Clippers) - Jonas Jerekbo
34. Denver (from Oklahoma City) - Jeramine Taylor
35. Detroit (from Minnesota) - Toney Douglas
36. Memphis - Patrick Mills
37. San Antonio (from Golden State via Phoenix) - Victor Claver
38. Portland (from New York via Chicago) - Jeff Pendergraph
39. Detroit (from Toronto) - Nick Calathes
40. Charlotte (from New Jersey via Oklahoma City) - Josh Heytvelt
41. Milwaukee -Derrick Brown
42. LA Lakers (from Charlotte) - Sergio Llull
43. Miami (from Indiana) - Dante Cunningham
44. Detroit - Danny Green
45. Minnesota (from Philadelphia via Miami) - Dionte Christmas
46. Cleveland (from Chicago) - A.J. Price
47. Minnesota (from Miami) - Jerel McNeal
48. Phoenix - Nando De Colo
49. Atlanta - Curtis Jerrells
50. Utah - Paul Harris
51. San Antonio (from New Orleans via Toronto) - Jeff Adrien
52. Indiana (from Dallas) - DeMarre Carroll
53. San Antonio (from Houston) - Wesley Matthews
54. Charlotte (from San Antonio) - Alade Aminu
55. Portland (from Denver) - Emir Preldzic
56. Portland - Chris Johnson
57. Phoenix (from Orlando via Oklahoma City) - Jodie Meeks
58. Boston - Robert Dozier
59. LA Lakers - Joe Ingles
60. Miami (from Cleveland) - Milenko Tepic

Undrafted: A.J. Abrams, Patrick Beverley, Jon Brockman, John Bryant, Josh Carter, Kareem Cooper, Brandon Costner, Lee Cummard, Eric Devendorf, Chinemelu Elonu, Christian Eyenga, Vitor Faverani, Courtney Fells, Alonzo Gee, Sergey Gladyr, Anthony Goods, D'mond Grismore, Rogér Guignard, Daniel Hackett, , Bariş Hersek, Lester Hudson, Stefon Jackson, , Martin Kolikoli, Slava Kravtsov, Darnell Lindsay, Leo Lyons, Jack McClinton,Nate Miles, Luke Nevill, Ahmad Nivins, Hank Norel, Ronald Ogoke, Jeremy Pargo, Tyrese Rice, K.C. Rivers, Terrence Roderick, Alex Ruoff, Garret Siler, Ronald Steele, Goran Suton, Shawn Taggert, Dar Tucker, Robert Vaden, Ben Woodside, and Ibrahim Yildirim

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