Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 NBA Mock Draft IV - June 5, 2009

Version IV

First Round

1. LA Clippers - Blake Griffin - Stock has recently fallen a bit after his measurements at the combine came up shorter than expected. His wingspan being shorter than expected is the only flaw I can think of.

2. Memphis - Hasheem Thabeet - Too much potential to pass up on.

3. Oklahoma City - James Harden - Harden is the third best player in the draft. In terms of needs, he doesn't satisfy any see they have Durant at the 3 and the Thunder love Theba Sefolosha. The team can go out and get the most talented and ready player available and then address needs in free agency since the team has tons of cap room.

4. Sacramento - Ricky Rubio - Beno Udrih is not a franchise point guard; however, Ricky Rubio is
supposed to be that kind of point guard. Personally, he seemed idle through most of the olympic footage I watched of him, but he has injured as he went up against NBA Superstars over the summer.
5. Washington - Jordan Hill - Hill will provide tough interior scoring, and he will be there to clean up plenty of missed shots. If the Wizards can develop this underachiever, then we are talking about one of the most formidible starting line-up in the eastern conference.

6. Minnesota - Demar DeRozan- Minnesota will take a guard here. Jrue Holliday has been skyrocketing lately, so he can be a possiblity. Demar DeRozan is the most talented player available. Brandon Jennings is the best point guard here. And the Stephen Curry bandwagon just keeps growing so he can go here. Not to forget the possibility of Tyreke Evans. I choose DeRozan because Mike Miller wasn't Mike Miller last year so the team needs a natural scorer. If Miller rejuvenates himself, then the two become a very solid wing combo.

7. Golden State - Brandon Jennings - The Warriors need a true point gurad. Monta Ellis and Jamal Crawford are great, but the two a combo guard (specifically scorers). When the Bolts go small they will be a force that cannot be reckoned with.

8. New York - Stephen Curry - Nobody thinks Curry will fall past the Knicks. There have been rumors. There have been denials. The bloggers have had their say. The NBA Draft experts have had their own say. If the team wants to build for the future the should go with a true point guard but that does not seem to be the case. Additionally, supposedly LeBron James likes Curry, so now he is bait.
9. Toronto - Tyreke Evans - The Raptors have made it public that they intend to keep Bosh and will attempt to put together a winning team. If the team can manage to resign Shawn Marion and Anthony Parker, then the statement will be plausible. Until then, they are back to phase one (rebuilding).

10. Milwaukee - Jonny Flynn - The Bucks need depth in the backcourt. Sessions, Bogans, and Jones are all free agents while Michael Redd has been injury prone recently, so Flynn will provide necessary insurance to a tenuous position.

11. New Jersey - Jrue Holliday - Holliday showed the ability to playing alongside another point guard last year with Darren Collison at UCLA. He should be capable to replicating and burgeoning as he plays on a higher level with Devin Harris.

12. Charlotte
- Earl Clark - The Bobcats can go with a backup up shooting guard or a big man here. Earl Clark has the best value here with his impressive ability to score from the elbow and down low.
13. Indiana - DeJuan Blair - The Pacers could use some additional size down low. Blair is a work horse that can provide the inside scoring that Indiana was deficient in last year (Troy Murphy was the only big man to average over 10 points per game last year and a fair share of his points came from the outside).
14. Phoenix - Ty Lawson - The Suns should be picking a point guard here to provide insurance behind Steve Nash. Ty Lawson is the best available one and has the ability to run a fast paced offense that Alvin Gentry learned under Mike D'Antoni.
15. Detroit - James Johnson - The Pistons have been the most apt team in rebuilding. The team has been unloading and has managed to maintain a core group of players. James Johnson is the versatile type of athlete that will fit into whatever system the team instills.
16. Chicago - Austin Daye - Daye is an all-around solid player. He can shoot well from outside and has the size to go down low. With his potential, the Bulls can shape him into any type of big man that they need.
17. Philadelphia - Gerald Henderson - Andre Igudola could use another wing to take the pressure off of him. If teams collapse on Iggy, then he can dish out to an open man and then around to Henderson or directly to Henderson. From there he can shoot or pump and go in for an easier shot. This will definitely open up the floor for the Sixers.
18. Minnesota (from Miami) - Eric Maynor - If Minnesota can walk away with two impressive guards (which this draft is abundant in) then pencil them in for contention in the near future. The Wolves are in two spots where a solid guard will fall to them. It is all about making the best decision.
19. Atlanta - Terrence Williams - If the Hawks take another versatile player here with Terrence Williams then the team will be mismatch nation. With Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and possibly Terrence Williams, the team will size up any other team and pose difficulties that we have seen with the Magic this season.
20. Utah - B.J. Mullens - The Jazz may be in for losing one or more of their big man. Mullens can be a solid fit, and he possess the potential to be a great steal at this point.
21. New Orleans - Chase Budinger - Budinger is a well rounded player with size and a keen ability to score. Budinger can also offer a high payoff at this point in the draft.
22. Dallas - Gani Lawal - The Mavericks need some size. Lawal has plenty of that. The only factor remaining is if the Mavs can develop this potential packed athlete.
23. Sacramento (from Houston) - Jeff Teague - With Soloman and Jackson possibly heading for free agnecy, Teague will provide some depth as a solid combo guard. Teague has great court vision and playmaking ability as he possess the demeanor of a veteran at a young age.
24. Portland - Tyler Hansbrough - Hansbrough will provide some depth behind the injury prone Oden. Hansbrough will also bring his firey attitiude and interior toughness which the Blazers need.
25. Oklahoma City (from San Antonio) - Omri Casspi - I like Krstic and Jeff Green, so there is no urgency for a big man higher in the draft. Casspi is supposed to be a natural scorer that just finds ways to put that ball in the basket. If that is true he can be great off the bench behind the two.
26. Chicago (from Denver via Oklahoma City) - Wayne Ellington - With the possiblity of losing Ben Gordon, the team should look for a back-up plan by selecting the best shooter in the draft.
27. Memphis (from Orlando) - Sam Young - Young will provide needed depth at the three. He has his fundamentals done along with the nation's best pump fake which will make him effective right out of the gate.
28. Minnesota (from Boston) - Damion James - James has size and has recently worked on improving his outside game which can make him an extremely useful player.
29. LA Lakers - Darren Collison - L.A. looks to another L.A. guard to fill the point guard void that the Lakers have had this season.
30. Cleveland - Patrick Mills - Mills is a fine playmaker that will be able to back-up Mo Williams as a natural point guard.

Second Round

31. Sacramento - Marcus Thornton
32. Washington - DaJuan Summers
33. Portland (from LA Clippers) - Derrick Brown
34. Denver (from Oklahoma City) - Taj Gibson
35. Detroit (from Minnesota) - Nick Calathes - Nice snag here for the Pistons who may find a starting point guard in Calathes if Stuckey isn't permanent there.
36. Memphis - Toney Douglas
37. San Antonio (from Golden State via Phoenix) - Tyler Smith
38. Portland (from New York via Chicago) - Jeramine Taylor
39. Detroit (from Toronto) - Rodrigue Beaubois
40. Charlotte (from New Jersey via Oklahoma City) - Danny Green
41. Milwaukee - Jonas Jerekbo
42. LA Lakers (from Charlotte) - Milan Macvan
43. Miami (from Indiana) - Grevis Vasquez
44. Detroit - Jeff Pendergraph
45. Minnesota (from Philadelphia via Miami) - Dionte Christmas
46. Cleveland (from Chicago) - Dante Cunningham
47. Minnesota (from Miami) - Victor Claver
48. Phoenix - Sergio Llull
49. Atlanta - A.J. Price
50. Utah - Vladimir Dasic
51. San Antonio (from New Orleans via Toronto) - Jeff Adrien
52. Indiana (from Dallas) - Josh Heytvelt
53. San Antonio (from Houston) - Nando De Colo
54. Charlotte (from San Antonio) - DeMarre Carroll
55. Portland (from Denver) - Tyrese Rice
56. Portland - Alade Aminu
57. Phoenix (from Orlando) via Oklahoma City) - Jodie Meeks
58. Boston - Jerel McNeal
59. LA Lakers - Robert Vaden
60. Miami (from Cleveland) - Emir Preldzic

Undrafted: Jon Brockman, Lee Cummard, Robert Dozier, Daniel Hackett, Luke Harangody, Lester Hudson, Joe Ingles, Curtis Jerrells, Chris Johnson, Slava Kravtsov, Leo Lyons, Wesley Matthews, Jack McClinton, Luke Nevill, Hank Norel, Jeremy Pargo, Alex Ruoff, Garret Siler, and Milenko Tepic


  1. Garrett Siler 7' 281 lbs. 79% field goal. 2.7 Blocks. 8 rbs 66% free throw. 23 year old who has only played basketball for 6 years. This kid is changing his body from 353 lbs 6 years ago. A Beast in the paint that has a rising future in the NBA.