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2009 NBA Mock Draft III - May 24, 2009

Version III

First Round

1. LA Clippers - Blake Griffin - He is a lock.
2. Memphis - Hasheem Thabeet - Will be a promising center, while the team already has security at point guard with Conley.
3. Oklahoma City - Ricky Rubio - Russell Westbrook had a great season at point guard, but he isn't natural.
4. Sacramento - James Harden - With first pick Blake Griffin was a must pick, but with an unsuccessful lottery the Kings should pursue a small forward of the future instead of another big man.
5. Washington - Jordan Hill - The Wizards have been deficient at the center spot. Yes, Hill has been inconsistent through much of his stay at Arizona, but he has the potential to fill the void.
6. Minnesota - Demar DeRozan - The Wolves will be looking to draft a talented guard, DeRozan has the most at this position.
7. Golden State- Brandon Jennings - Jennings is that natural point guard that the Warriors need. The team has scorers in Ellis, Crawford, and Jackson making a guard who can lead the floor like Jennings critical.
8. New York - Ty Lawson - Rumors of Stephen Curry going to the Knicks are evident, but the team needs to look down the road and understand a true point guard like Lawson will be paramount to the team's success. Both Lawson and Curry have the ability to be perennial players, but Lawson also has the ability to be a solid contributor if he doesn't turn into an All-star.
9. Toronto - Tyreke Evans - The Raptors are in a tough situation. Bosh is on the way out and Marion's future is uncertain leaving the team with a bunch of Europeans and potential. The smartest option would be to lock up Marion or trade him and Bosh in order to secure the future. Evans is the best player available now making him the pick by default if the Raptors do not make a move.
10. Milwaukee - Jonny Flynn - Ramon Sessions was solid last year. Flynn can be great.
11. New Jersey - Gerald Henderson - The Nets need a better wing beside Vince Carter. Henderson is the ideal wing since he can shoot, drive, and lock down on defense.
12. Charlotte - Stephen Curry - Curry can provided scoring relief at the shooting guard spot. Curry was the most effective when he played with a true point guard alongside Jason Richards. With Felton and Augustin, Curry can be an extremely effective scorer.
13. Indiana- Earl Clark - Clark would be a nice edition to add scoring from a big man since he is good from the elbow and has nice feet which can help expand the Pacers' offense.
14. Phoenix - Eric Maynor - Maynor is the best point guard available for a team that has been in search of one. The Suns need a back up and a future point guard, Maynor can provide both.
15. Detroit - James Johnson - Johnson is a big, solid athlete that the Pistons can build for the future with.
16. Chicago - DeJuan Blair - The Bulls have a number of three/four combos, so Blair would provide some depth at the four/five which the team has been interested in for years. He is tough on the interior and will help wear down opposing big men.
17. Philadelphia - Jeff Teague - The Sixers will draft a guard here. Teague is the best available.
18. Minnesota (from Miami) - Jrue Holliday - Holliday is a talented young guard with a ton of potential. Holliday has the ability to be great which make his draft position unknown. Some believe he can play up to his potential making him a lottery pick while other believe he will flake leaving him in the twenties of the draft.
19. Atlanta - Chase Budinger - Budinger is a solid small forward with great athleticism. He would be another fine addition to Atlanta's fountain of talented youth.
20. Utah - Terrence Williams - The future of Utah's big men is uncertain, so the addition of Williams will provide security even if the Jazz lose Kirilenko or Boozer.
21. New Orleans - Austin Daye - Without any necessities, the Hornets will look to draft the best player available.
22. Dallas - BJ Mullens - The Mavericks need some size on the interior after the lose of Diop. Mullens is raw, but will provide the size for the time being.
23. Sacramento (from Houston) - Gani Lawal - Lawal is still a work in progress, but with Thompson and Hawes having established themselves, the Kings have room for development.
24. Portland - Tyler Hansborough - With Greg Oden on the injury shorts, the Blazers will be looking to add some depth at center.
25. Oklahoma City (from San Antonio) - Sam Young - Young will provide solid play off the bench for the Thunder.
26. Chicago (from Denver via Oklahoma City) - Wayne Ellington - Ellington is one of the best shooters in the draft and will be a helpful wing for the Bulls.
27. Memphis (from Orlando) - DaJuan Summers - Summers will provide depth at the two and three for the Grizzles.
28. Minnesota (from Boston) - Damion James - Having taken two guards already, the Wolves will go big and take James to provide some depth at the four.
29. LA Lakers - Darren Collison - Uncertain at the point guard position with an aging Derek Fisher, and neither Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar stepping up, the Lakers will stay local and draft Collison
30. Cleveland - Patrick Mills - The Cavs are secure in terms of scorers so the team will look to find a back up point guard for Mo Williams since Delonte West and Daniel Gibson have tended to the two role.

Second Round

31. Sacramento - Nick Calathes - Calathes will provide depth at point guard and has shown the ability to become an NBA starter in his tenure with Florida.
32. Washington - Omri Casspi - Casspi has been flying up the draft board as his natural talents at the power forward spot are being unveiled.
33. Portland (from LA Clippers) - Marcus Thornton - Thornton will be another a great shooting guard for the Trailblazers.
34. Denver (from Oklahoma City) - Taj Gibson - Gibson is a great shot-blocker and will provide depth for the Denver big men.
35. Detroit (from Minnesota) - Victor Claver - Claver is a big body that will become useful at the four and five positions.
36. Memphis - Danny Green - Green is the best player available here. He is a fine athlete who can sneak into the first round because of his athleticism and basketball savvy.
37. San Antonio (from Golden State via Phoenix) - Derrick Brown - The Spurs look to strengthen a thinning front-court with this pick.
38. Portland (from New York via Chicago) - Sergio Llull - The Trailblazers like European guards with large upsides.
39. Detroit (from Toronto) - Jermaine Taylor - Taylor will be a solid two behind Rip Hamilton after the Pistons have solidified their front-court presence.
40. Charlotte (from New Jersey via Oklahoma City) - Dionte Christmas - Christmas is a solid scorer who can become effective off the bench in the NBA.
41. Milwaukee - Milan Macvan - Macvan could be another big body for the Bucks who do not have much besides Bogut.
42. LA Lakers (from Charlotte) - Grevis Vazquez - Vazquez has the most potential at this point in the draft. He can become a solid point guard, but will likely come out next.
43. Miami (from Indiana) - Toney Douglas - Douglas will provide more depth at the point guard role for the Heat.
44. Detroit - A.J. Price - Price can be a guard of the future behind Stuckey.
45. Minnesota (from Philadelphia via Miami) - Jeremy Pargo - The Wolves do not have enough draft picks.

46. Cleveland (from Chicago) - Tyler Smith - Smith is a solid three to provide depth behind James.
47. Minnesota (from Miami) - Dante Cunningham - Honestly, they could use one more pick.Cunningham is one of the great big men coming out of the Big East.
48. Phoenix - Jeff Adrien - Another solid big man out of the Big East. Adrien had a great season playing beside Thabeet in Connecticut. He isn't full of potential, but is fundamentally sound.
49. Atlanta - Rodrigue Beaubois - He will be competition for Zaza Pachuliia for coolest name on the team and will provide depth at point guard.
50. Utah - Vladmir Dasic - Dasic will fill up the hole of a big man if the Jazz lose any in the upcoming free agency.
51. San Antonio (from New Orleans via Toronto) - Nando De Colo - The Spurs love their European guards.
52. Indiana (from Dallas) - Jonas Jerebko - Jerebko is one of the better Europeans in the draft and will be a solid small forward.
53. San Antonio (from Houston) - Alade Aminu - Aminu is just a big body with a lot of size and potential.
54. Charlotte (from San Antonio) - Jeff Pendegraph - He played well with James Harden last year as a solid finisher around the hoop. Charlotte could use another scoring big man.
55. Portland (from Denver) - Tyrese Rice - A knowledgeable point guard that has the ability to take over a game.
56. Portland - Alex Ruoff - He is a solid athlete that is quick and strong.
57. Phoenix (from Orlando) via Oklahoma City) - Robert Vaden - Just a flat out scorer.
58. Boston - Jerel McNeal - A smart and crafty point guard who can provide needed depth for the Celtics
59. LA Lakers - Jack McClinton - An all round solid basketball player that lifted the Hurricanes on his shoulders last season
60. Miami (from Cleveland) - Lester Hudson - One of the most prolific scorers coming out of college. Has been at the top of the NCAA rankings year in and year out.

Undrafted: Curtis Jerrells, Hank Norel, Leo Lyons, Milenko Tepic, Chris Johnson, Lee Cummard, Wesley Matthews, Josh Heytvelt, Jon Brockman, DeMarre Carroll, Emir Preldzic, Slava Kravtsov

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  1. Hey,

    I like the thought and depth you put into these draft selections.

    However, in regard to Detroit: Joe D has said Stuckey is not the pg of the future, rather, he's the two guard of the future. So Pistons would be wise to go the point guard route, either with Maynor or Holiday (Lawson and Flynn will be gone at 15 I think).

    Although Johnson would be an interesting choice.