Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 NBA Mock Draft II - May 17, 2009

Version II

1. Sacramento - Blake Griffin - Too much talent. Too much athleticism. Too much hype (Hope he can live up to it as he will be special either way).
2. Washington - Hasheem Thabeet - Most mock drafts have Rubio 2, but with Arenas, the team must focus on its tenuous big men.
3. Los Angeles Clippers - Ricky Rubio - I watched Rubio during the Olympics and he was quite uncomfortable on the floor with all of the NBA players. Yes, he is young and the NBA players were All-stars and Super-stars, but he did not appear to accept the challenge. Rubio was just a body on the court (kind of like the walk-on who comes into the game in the 5th overtime because the team has run out of players due to fouls).
4. Oklahoma City - Jordan Hill - The Thunder need a new name and a big man of the future. With Hill they will complete one of their necessary off-season tasks.
5. Minnesota - James Harden - Harden is just a flat-out basketball player. Minnesota could use one as the team fell to injuries and uncertainty throughout the season.
6. Memphis - Earl Clark - A few slots higher then most project Clark at. Clark adds the offensive physique that Memphis is deficit at.
7. Golden State - Brandon Jennings - The Warriors do not have a point guard. Jamal Crawford and Monta Ellis are great combo guards, but neither is a true point guard. Jennings is the dictionary definition of true point guard.

8. New York - Ty Lawson - The Knicks passed up on D.J. Augustin last year, so this has to be the year that the team goes with a point guard of the future. Jennings would be nice, but he is too much talent to fall this far. There have been rumors of Stephen Curry, but as the Knicks approach the Summer of 2010 and sign markee free agents, Curry would be another burden on the offense since he needs the offense to run through him unlike Lawson who starts up the plays.
9. Toronto - Demar DeRozan - DeRozan was a praised basketball recruit, but did not receive a ton of national attention last year at USC. DeRozan is a great athlete along with a nice shot which will make him a valuable wing.
10. Milwaukee - Tyreke Evans - The Bucks could use guard depth as the team struggled in the back-court with the fall of Michael Redd. Evans could also become the go-to-scorer for the team if Redd leaves in the near future.
11. New Jersey - Gerald Henderson - Henderson is your ideal wing. He is a solid shooter, defender, and attacker. He hustles and will be in the league for a long time.
12. Charlotte - Stephen Curry - Charlotte needs depth at the 2. Stephen Curry plays the 2. Therefore Charlotte should draft Stephen Curry.
13. Indiana - Jonny Flynn - There is too much point guard uncertainty in Indiana with Jarret Jack, T.J. Ford, and Jamal Tinsley. The most obvious decision would be to complicate the situation by adding Flynn. Just Kidding. Flynn is a great leader and a well rounded point guard. The Pacers will not be keeping all those guards and Flynn, a player with great attitude, could be the solution to this mess.

14. Phoenix - Eric Maynor - Maynor is the best intangible point guard in the draft. He has defense, hustle, and clutch covered. Maynor will add depth behind Nash and could very well replace if Nash leaves or once he retires.
15. Detroit - James Johnson - Along side Tayshaun Prince, Johnson will create numerous match-up difficulties as few teams will have the athleticism or size to keep up with the two.
16. Chicago - DeJuan Blair - First rule of the modern NBA Draft: Thou Bulls must select a big man.
17. Philadelphia - Jeff Teague - Teague will add depth to the Sixers backcourt; Teague makes great decisions and extremely skilled with the ball in his hand. With Andre Miller's future being an uncertainty, Teague would be a fine selection.
18. Minnesota - Terrence Williams - Williams is a great athlete: long, lengthy, fast, strong. So much potenial.
19. Atlanta - BJ Mullens - The team in progress can use a center in progress. Mullens is a big center that Hawks have been hunting.
20. Utah - Gani Lawal - With Mullens and Blair gone, the Jazz will look to Lawal another super athlete in the draft. The team will be losing some size in the near future and Lawal would be a sufficient replacement. The only problem is that Lawal is still raw and is not a quick fix.
21. New Orleans - Chase Budinger - Budinger will be slipping and New Orleans without an necessary viods could have themselves with a talent like Budginer.

22. Dallas - Austin Daye - Daye would add some needed size.
23. Sacramento -
Jrue Holliday - With Griffin, the team will have plenty of promising forwards so it will be time for the team to focus on guards.
24. Portland - Sam Young - Young would be a courtsey pick to a team rich with the most promising talent in the league.
25. Oklahoma City - Tyler Hansborough - This is astrategy pick for OKC. The Thunder's earlier pick, Jordan Hill, has determination issues and doesn't come to play every game. If the team takes Hansborough with Hill, than the team will have a standard to put Hill up to and an athletic counterpart to bring up Tyler.
26. Chicago - Wayne Ellington - Probably the best shooter in the draft. Ellington will spread the floor and help open up the paint for Rose.
27. Memphis - Darren Collison - Collison will be a young veteran as he has the character that most teams desire. He isn't the flashiest player nor the sharpiest shooter, but he gets the job done.
28. Minnesota - DaJuan Summers - Summers proved to be a reliable scorer in college at Georgetown and should be able to translate his talent into the NBA.
29. Los Angeles Lakers - Patrick Mills - The Lakers will be looking for a point guard. I firmly believe that Mills or Collison will be taken here. There is also the possibility of Nick Calathes. Any of the three will be a great addition.

30 Cleveland Cavaliers - Marcus Thornton - Thornton concluded a solid career with LSU, bringing an overachieving team to the NCAA Tournament in a weak year for the SEC. The Tigers were able to pull off a win before losing to the Tar Heels; nevertheless, Thornton was able to establish himself as a possible first round NBA prospect.

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  1. Hansborough will never fall to 25.