Monday, April 27, 2009

Mark Sanchez Pick Signifies Change within Jets Organization

I would like to applaud the Jets organization and Rex Ryan for a successful draft. In the previous article I criticized the Jets under Eric Mangini for continuously vacillating and never proceeding in a fixed direction. The team has finally adopted the resolute attitude that I called for.

Personally, I do not believe Mark Sanchez was the best pick. With a need for a WR and Michael Crabtree on the board, Crabtree would have been my choice. He is one of those guys who just stands out in film and possess the skill, knowledge, and attitude to be successful in the NFL. Also, with Kellen Clemens in the system for a couple of years he should be a fine system quarterback unless the Jets plan on revamping the offense.

However, I commend them for sticking with a player that they believed in. The Jets showed immediate interest in Mark Sanchez, especially when his stock started to fall due to inexperience remarks. Sanchez would have slipped right into the Jets' grasp. Unfortunately for the Jets, Sanchez' stock turned around and flew back up the board. But the Jets with the new eager mentality did not shy away from his steep incline; the team went out and traded up in order to acquire Sanchez, the player they had fallen for. So whether he was or was not the best player available, the Jets showed determination and consistency - two attributes the organization lacked.

The Jets are headed in a positive direction under the leadership of Rex Ryan.

The Shonn Greene pick was nice too, since Greene was the only running back to run for at least 100 yards in each game. This is coherent with the team's new mentality of seeking consistent players rather than erratic ones. I'd rather know what to expect then have to hope for the best each team the player steps on the field.

Last - to the Jets organization - GO GET ANQUAN BOLDIN! A second round pick with additional players or a first round pick is definitely worth the price. Boldin has great hands - everyone remembers the play when he was hit from behind by the Giants defensive back and he still held on to the catch even though he suffered a concussion. Don't trade for the guy who has difficult catching passes and will make your rookie quarterback fell worse when a bad play is the receiver's fault.

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