Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, Yes, Yes... Wait No. - February 25, 2009

Most Knick fans are ecstatic because of the Knicks' buyout of Stephon Marbury's contract. I am sure they are parading the street of New York City believing James Dolan, Donnie Walsh, and the crew at MSG has brought a new, more optimistic, light. Well to the dissatisfaction of many Knicks, this release was poorly played move. Here's why:

- Marbury's Contract Still Counts Against Cap

The move brought no luxury relief as Marbury's entire contract still counts against the cap. The only difference is that Marbury recieves his cash sooner. So the Knicks' check at the end of the year will remain the NBA's most prized.

- Marbury has faded out of the spotlight
Recently, there hasn't been any distractions surrounding Marbury. It has been weeks since the last Stephon Marbury distrubance - when he was dismissed he remained dismissed. The only bit of media coverage he ahas received has been the bit concerning a buyout and rumors of him signing with the Celtics (to reunite with Kevin Garnett? Hmmm...).

- Only four months left

The Knicks are also in the last year of Marbury's treacherous contract. On July 1st he would officially be someone else's problem. And for two of those four months the teams remains fairly idle concerning their player personel.

- May Sign with Division Rival

Of all the reasons, why would a team release a player knowing that he is interested in signing with the opposition. Only a few miles away in the Bronx, had the Yankees nimbly signed A-Rod to a contract once rumors of a potential signing with Boston sparked. Why would the Knicks have the Celtics, a division rival's, interest at mind? Just remain at peace with the man, so he doesn't have to help the team you dispise the most.

- Could go to contender

If Marbury, doesn't sign with the Celtics, then there is a real possibility that he signs with another playoff bound or playoff contending team that could very well be competeing with the Knicks. Stephon Marbury may not be the friendlist and most team oriented player in the league, but he can still play basketball and make a valid contribution to his team.

- Trade Value
Stephon isn't the most inticing player, but the Knicks can use him as a salary dump the way the Portland Trailblazers were looking to use Raef LaFrentz' hefty contract. The Knicks could have traded for a player with a long or large contract in order to offer another team an opportunity to have a play in the free agency of 2010 and possibly allow the Knicks to reel in LeBron by snagging a solid role player. Another team would have to bear with him for only four months and would have dumped two contracts.

- Roster Spot
The Knicks have room for another player since they imported two players and exported three during the trade deadline allowing them to bring up any players on D-League affiliates. With the Knicks current salary condition, they do not appear to be in position to make any free agents offers this season. (League Minimum anybody?)

- Integrity
Finally, why give into a nuissance and sacrific a value you held true to you for so long. The Knicks had refused to give into Marbury's shananagans unless he took a salary cut. The terms of the negotations have not been released yet, but once they are leaked I am sure Marbury came out with most of his salary and a pair of Jordans leaving the Knicks with only enough for a pair of Starburys.

Well, at least it's over.

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