Thursday, February 5, 2009

New York-Phoenix Trade? - February 5, 2009

Not another obscure Knick Fan Trade!

1st Round Pick

Quentin Richardson

Eddy Curry

Cash Consideration


Amare Stoudemire

Steve Kerr is marketing Stoudemire after countless pleads from Stoudemire. He wants out and what better place to go then to his former coach with whom he had tremendous success with. Additionally, under Kerr the Suns have established a slower paced offense allowing Q-Rich and Curry to be used to the best of their abilities. Q-Rich is one of the most versatile players in the game: he can shoot the three and post up making him a valuable asset in spreading the floor. Q-Rich also had his hay-day with the Suns so that should be a nice homecoming (unless Q-Rich left on bad terms). Curry is rehabilitating and should be capable of playing in the coming weeks. Curry isn't an elite center in the league, but when alternated with O'Neal the opposing team will be in for a tough battle sure to leave opposing centers with bruises. If thats not enough the Suns will also be receiving a 1st Round Draft pick and Cash.

PG: Nash
SG: J. Richardson

SF: Q. Richardson
C: O'Neal

With Barbosa and Hill, the team can start small by sitting Curry and starting Hill at SF and Q at PF. What is even more appealing is that the Suns will have three picks in what should be a promising draft. Q's and Curry's contracts both terminate before the 2010 free agency allowing the Suns to compete now, draft for the future, and redirect in two seasons.

The Knicks will be looking to add Bosh in 2010, so instead of him they will have Stoudemire. Both Bosh and Stoudemire can run the floor which make each of them so appealing for D'Antoni's system. Curry has refused to play in NY, while Q is a fan favorite but with Wilson Chandler and the Italian determined to prove he is not a dud the Knicks have enough at SF (also have Jefferies). David Lee will also be able to play PF, a position his figure is better suited for.

PG: Chris Duhon

SG: Wilson Chandler
SF: Jared Jeffries

PF: Lee

C: Stoudemire

... with Al Harrington, Nate Robinson, Danilo Gallinari, and Tim Thomas coming off the bench.

EDIT: After receivng a great deal of disgust from the ESPN Message Boards, a revision will be made to the trade.

1st Round Pick
David Lee
Eddy Curry
Quentin Richardson


Amare Stoudemire
Goran Dragic

Harrington would now be starting for the Knicks. As a Knicks fan I would prefer that we didn't have any draft picks since we don't know how to use them, while the high draft pick could be a valuable asset to any other team. It seems the Knicks might be better off just waiting for Bosh, but I like the guarentee of having the player rather than hoping to sign him.

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