Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 NBA Mock Draft I - February 24, 2008

Version I

Order is based on current record.

1. Sacramento - Blake Griffin - something special.
2. Washington - James Harden - definitely NBA ready. He has the frame, athleticism, and drive to be a star for years to come.
3. Oklahoma City - Hasheem Thabeet - he will become the best interior defensive player in the NBA. His offensive post play is still raw, but tons of athleticism and energy make him a worthy investment.
4. LA Clippers - Al-Farouq Aminu - the African prince has hops. Definitely some questions about his physique, but he will be able to adjust and fit into most NBA systems.
5. Memphis - Greg Monore - good skill set on the offensive ends and one of the smartest defenders down on the block. The question is his selfishness, he passes out of the post to often for a player that can score so easily.
6. Minnesota - Jordan Hill - definitely under the radar last year, but has come off as a sensation this year at Arizona. A great rebounder, it looks as if the ball is attracted to him under the hoop. He stays with the play earnings plenty of second chance opportunities.
7. Golden State - Brandon Jennings - there were reports of Jennings' mediocre play and dissatisfaction in Europe which will probably halt other players from going over seas from high school. Haven't seen a lot of footage of Jennings, but I hear that he is a a natural point guard and has a niche for making spectacular passes.
8. Toronto - Willie Warren - playing with Blake Griffin has brought a lot of attention to Warren. When Griffin has been out or in foul trouble, Warren has consistently stepped up and carried the Sooners on his back. Warren has a great ability to drive and create his own shot off the dribble.
9. Charlotte - Earl Clark - great athleticism, solid post play, and a jump shot from the elbow help to stretch the defense and create opportunities for himself and teammates with a cleared up paint.
10. Indiana - Jeff Teague - a great point guard and an even greater leader. Teague maintains his composure, but more importantly he has learned to make the key play instead of take the key shot.
11. New York - Ty Lawson - the fastest player end to end; can run the break like no other. Lawson can drive and shoot the three making him a valuable asset in the half court game, which permit him to play with another guard as he is apt off the ball as well.
12. New Jersey - Gerald Henderson - can be a replacement for Vince Carter down the line as the Nets seem set on trading him; Henderson is one of the best 2 guards in college basketball with the ability to knock down shots in critical situations.
13. Chicago - B.J. Mullens - have not seen much of Mullens at Ohio St., but coming out of high school he ranked as the top recruit for athleticism and frame
14. Milwaukee - Eric Maynor - I have actually had the opportunity to watch Maynor up-close and personal. He isn't a demanding player and manages to rack up points quietly and quickly because of speed and shot selection. He is also one of the best defensive guards in the nation, which is a great asset to earn playing to early in the NBA.
15. Philadelphia - Stephen Curry - the kid can flat out score, but more importantly for him he can flat out shoot and has great character. Unlike Maynor, Curry is quite demanding and requires that the ball go through him on most possessions for him to be effective. At times he resembles the dominance of Kobe Bryant, but his height and size cause for concern. If Curry pushes him self, which he has shown the ability to time and time over, he can be a great steal at this spot.
16. Detriot - Gani Lawal - he has tremendous athleticism and size permitting him to be a solid rebounder. He can run the floor and cleans up nicely around the rim. However, his game is still raw and will require work.
17. Miami - Chase Budinger - solid all around player that contributes in every way all over the floor. The problem with Budinger is his decision making and shot selection. If Budinger can improve his decisions, then he can be a consistent player at the 3.
18. Phoenix - Tyreke Evans - Evans can play on or off the ball which make him a valuable guard on any roster. He is a hard worker and has the ability to make plays. The difficult part will be fitting Evans' role in the NBA. If he can establish a definite role early on, he can be come an active contributor. He is reminiscent of O.J. Mayo's skill (the reason for the drop off is that Mayo has one of the highest basketball IQs the game will ever see).
19. Atlanta - Patrick Patterson - Patterson's career at Kentucky has been hampered by injuries. However, when healthy Patterson is an effective post player with proficient skills down on the block.
20. Utah - DeJuan Blair - there are two things you do not want to get in the way of: a cement truck and DeJuan Blair. When Blair is hot, he is almost unstoppable in the low post as he has the ability to make conservative shots and cluttering forces. He is also good at staying out of foul trouble on the defensive end.
21. Dallas - Demar DeRozan - I haven't seen much of Demar or USC, but the buzz around him is that he is a freakish athlete with incredible potential.
22. New Orleans - Evan Turner - leads the Ohio State Buckeyes in almost every statistic. Turner's versatility makes him an effective piece at the next level.
23. Houston - Damion James - James possess good size and athleticism, but what is most striking about James is his finishing - if he goes up, the shot is going down.
24. Portland - DaJuan Summers - he has been with Georgetown through the best of times and the worst of teams. Throughout his stay he has remained extremely composed and reliable even in the most inticing situations.
25. Denver - Sam Young - over and over again Young has been declared to have the best shot fake in college basketball. His ability to create shots and step up when the team gets down will make him a valuable piece of any winning team.
26. San Antonio - Terrence Williams - Williams does everything you can ask of him on the court. Williams also has great character which makes him a steal at this spot, but he is likely to fall because of his age.
27. Orlando - Darren Collison - consistent point guard that has solid playmaking ability and always looks to make the best play rather than simply take the key shots. Collison like Williams has been a solid player, but will fall due to age as well.
28. Boston - Danny Green - reminds me of Shawn Marion. He can run the floor, he has the ability to shoot the three, and is a great leaper. His versatiliy can make him an effective player at the next level. He is projected as a second round pick in most other mock drafts, but as Carolina takes the center stage as the postseason begins, his abilities will become more evident.
29. Cleveland - Craig Brackins - Brackins has been one of the better big men in a packed Big 12, but hasn't recived much expose while playing for Iowa State.
30. LA Lakers - Tyler Hansborough - probably the most well documented player in college basketball. Obviously he is known for his energy and relentlessness, but his skill set of go-to moves will permit him to play in the NBA.


  1. "I have actually had the opportunity to watch Maynor up-close and personal."


  2. Blair to the Jazz
    You sir are a fucking genius. The Jazz could really Use a dominant big man down low to replace Kirilenko in 2010

  3. harangody is prob gonna come out. he should be on here

  4. there isn't any account of what the teams need, or who's actually drafting. minnesota has 3-4 first round picks.

  5. i know it depends on the tournament... but if jonny flynn beats up willie warren, he'll be in the top 10 for sure, especially if the wolves keep their 4 1st rounders.