Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jets' Impreative Adjustment

The following was quoted by the Jets defensive coordinator personnel:
"The one thing about our system is that it is player-driven," Pettine said. "We are going to evaluate during the spring what our players do well and what they don't do well. We've always been of the mind-set that you fit your system to your players and not your players to your system."

Instead of insulting the coaches, what kind of system do you think the Jet defense will suffice?

We have the necessary parts to run a power offense with one of the premiere Offensive lines in football (particularly the left side). Tony Richardson is an above average fullback and even though he is nearing retiring we can use him for the time being. Thomas Jones is the ideal running for a power offense, since he excels at running through the tackles and fighting for those extra one or two yards that eventually payoff in this system where three down first-downs and time of possession are critical. The passing game will no longer be a strength for the Jets as Coles is aging and injury prone, while Favre is on the way out leaving either Kellen Clemens or a new-comer. Either way it will not be someone who has spent an extensive amount of time during game play with the Jet offense, so having a run based offense would be extremely beneficial.

Having that said, the Jets could emulate the likes of Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Baltimore, and the other New York team by creating a team with a dynamic running game and stingy defense.
Currently the Jets are an effective blitzer away from having a top rated defense. With Kris Jenkins and Shaun Ellis providing a solid foundation followed by Calvin Pace, Vernon Gholston, and David Harris. The team has a lot of versatility which would allow them to line up in either the 4-3 or 3-4 - provided the speed and size of Gholston. Presumably, the Jets could sign either a DL or LB and play a fundamental defense with some blitz packages without having to install some elaborate system like Mangani attempted. Having Rex Ryan puts the Jets in the position to steal one of the free agent linebackers from Baltimore (Bart Scott or Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis is not happening); if that doesn't work then Karlos Dansby should be a potential suitor.
If a reliable blitzer is added then the Jets will be an extremely difficult team to run against forcing teams to pass. The Jets had one of the worst pass defenses in terms of passing yards even though Darrelle Revis and Kerry Rhodes are two of the most promising defensive backs in football. With no other significant flaws the Jets can afford to focus on improving the secondary; this offseason turns out to be abundant in defensive backs with Nnamdi Asomugha (yes I copied and pasted his name), Mike Brown, and Brian Dawkins on the market and Malcolm Jenkins, Vontae Davis, William Moore, DJ Moore, and Alphonso Smith in the draft. Realistically, the Jets should be able to sign one of those players and draft one of the players since signing one of the linebackers should be a hassle with Rex Ryan.

The Jets are a commitment, two signings, and a draft pick away from being a definite playoff team and Super Bowl contender. It will be a difficult task, but with the flexibility of Rex Ryan it is within reach.

EDIT: I was inconclusive about what the imperative change is for the Jets. The change is a commitment, as opposed to their current policy of indecisiveness - in terms of system, quarterbacks, direction, and focus. It should have been stressed continually as that was my original intention for the piece; it is also important to recognize that commitment is critical to success in anything.

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