Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Stench of a Cheater - December 03, 2008

The Patriots may not be the only team that has found relief in cheating. A long awaited prospect has appeared after another suspicious game against the New York Jets. This suspicious team is the Denver Broncos.

What first prompted this faction was the scene of defensive Broncos falling to injury every time Brett Favre initiated the hurry-up offense. For some reason the Broncos defense prefers to play at a slow pace: whether this is to be able to continually change personal each time there is a possible break or whether it is to read the Jets play-calling signals so they can call the proper play on defense - it is an immature and disgraceful move.

This situation prompted the question of how the Denver Bronco line has been able to be so successful for the past decade. Everyone knows that Mike Shanahan has installed this mysterious zone blocking scheme that no one can figure out to replicate nor penetrate. If coordinates have years of video on this scheme shouldn't they have figure how to use it let alone use misguiding defensive schemes deceive the line and allow for successful pressure onto the quarterback. This mysterious blocking scheme along with a necessity to play slow on offense and defense has incited the possibly that the Broncos steal signals so that there offensive and defensive lines are prepared. However, Mike Shanahan has installed his scheme wisely as opposed to Bill Belichick. Shanahan is more conservation and moderates his use so others do not catch on as proficiently has they have for the Patriots.

Have we another cheater in the NFL or has cheating become merely acceptable?

EDIT: I also forget to mention the entire early twenty-first century cheating saga for the Broncos (primarly in 2004). The Broncos decided they would just skip over the salary cap which costed them a draft pick, in addition to Shanahan messing around with the Jake Plummer Injury report. The Broncos also had a giant difficult with the cut block penalty and SI released a list that year composed of the dirtest players in the NFL, of which three were Broncos.

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