Monday, December 8, 2008

NFL Locations - December 07, 2008

The NFL seems to be due for some additions and relocations of teams as NFL markets shift and expand abroad the nation.

  • Selling of Oakland to Los Angeles group - kill two birds with one stone; not sure about how strong fan support can be for the Raiders in Oakland after recent years of management (dedicated fans will still follow the team even if it is on the other side of the state).
  • Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi have a large football demographic, but the fans are dedicated to their college football teams. If the NFL can diverge this attention, there would be some serious fan support in the south.
  • Western Texas/Northern New Mexico (near Sante Fe or Albuquerque). Football is vitial in Texas as everyone knows, but both teams already in the state are in the eastern portion. Placing a team in NM, would mean that it is close to Texas and would be near several major cities. The only downside would be that the team in NM wouldn't have that native-Texas attraction as there is with Dallas.
  • Eastern Nebraska (Omaha/Lincoln) or Western Missouri would be a good location ( a bit close to Minnesota and Chicago Markets but still distant enough). Similar with the southern states - there is a great deal of college football success so an NFL team should prove to be successfu.
  • Virginia would also be a good location for a team. There aren't any proffesional teams in Virginia and it is hard to believe that the state is obssessed with golf and racing. The state also has above average housing prices so that state cannot of the poorest of citizens providing marketability.
  • Las Vegas - won't get a team because of the gambling situation (the same reason there isn't an NBA team in Vegas). There is too much money involved to put a professional team in Vegas.
  • Manhattan - traffic, parking, traffic, traffic, parking, and where?
  • Toronto - how is the CFL's market doing in the US?
  • Upper Western Central - does anybody actually live in Montana or the Dakotas?
  • San Antonio/Austin - both cities seem to close to Houston - then again the Jets and Giants play in the same stadium.
  • El Paso - western Texas idea is a start, but it seems to far away from the major cities of New Mexico to attract that market to games.

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