Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heisman Hopefuls XI - December 2, 2008

Recently, the Heisman finalists have been announced. The selection has chosen Graham Harrell,
Tim Tebow, Michael Crabtree, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford. My ranks concluded with:

6. Donald Brown (RB - Connecticut) - Brown averaged more yards than Greene or Ringer per game, but the defenses in the Big East aren't the equivalent to those of the Big Ten (11).


5. Shonn Greene (RB - Iowa) - Greene was a consistent runner throughout the season finishing with the most rushing yards (unless Brown can steal it this week with Iowa being off).

4. Michael Crabtree (WR - Texas Tech) - Crabtree started the game off against Baylor well, but an in game ankle injury held him back from taking advantage of the Baylor secondary. It is now unlikely that Crabtree will win the Heisman, but the man has a bright future and is sure to retain the same success on Sundays.

3. Tim Tebow (QB - Florida) - Tebow and the Gators finished the season off with an impressive victory over the Seminoles. Now Tebow will have the oppoortunity to further compell his candidacy as the Gator take on the Crimson Tide for the SEC Championship this week.

2. Colt McCoy (QB - Texas) - McCoy made sure the longhorns would avoid rendereing another upset to Texas A&M as they had done so last season. Unfortunately, McCoy and the Longhorns will be left out of the Big 12 conference championship game due to BCS implications. McCoy's historically accurate season will go down as one of the most efficent and greatest seasons in college football.

1. Sam Bradford (QB - Oklahoma) -Bradford led another scoring raid; this time against the previously twelfeith ranked Cowboys. Bradford is in a distint third for passing yards on the season; however, he leads the nation in passing touchdowns and has thrown only 6 interceptions on the season. Oklahoma has the opportunity to play two more big games on national stages to help conslidate his campaign and secure supremacy.

Honorable Mention: Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell, Javon Ringer

High Tide: Dez Bryant, Jarett Dillard, Max Hall, Percy Harvin, Kendall Hunter, David Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Joe McKnight, Knowshon Moreno, Todd Reesing, Marc Sanchez, Charles Scott, Matt Stafford, Chris Wells, Pat White, John Parker Wilson

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