Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Buying Season - November 22, 2008

Some teams have begun to unload their players for free agency period after the 09/10 Season which will include LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Marcus Camby, and Manu Ginobilli as unrestricted free agents (some have player options) and an impressive list of ETO's and Restricted Agents. All of the players named will not relocate, but enough of them will so that the balance of power in the NBA will be redistributed.
Teams like the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, and Detriot Pistons have already set sites on becoming potential suitors by unloading some talent and long term contracts for expiring ones. As with most of the financial based trade, they are usually loop-sided in talent giving the time willing to take the financial burden a greater opportunity to succeed.

As teams will begin to become more focused on reliving financial burden in order to sway these prized free agents, teams on the opposite side of the table will be given this coincided opportunity to build a contending team for the near (and possibly distant) future.
One team that has take advantage of this situation has been the Los Angeles Clippers who have signed Baron Davis and Marcus Camby, traded for Zach Randolph, and are now in the mix of rumors surrounding Vince Carter. Even though, the Clippers are currently struggling with a new team and system, the team should be able to come together and cash out some victories considering the talent on the team. Currently the market of buying suitor is invisible, but as teams become more constinuous about the free agent opportunity some teams may be able to find themselves on a real talent bargain.

So which teams may find themselves as buyers?

First, the struggling Dallas Mavericks. As a distant observer, everything seems to have gone down hill since the Jason Kidd trade, but now the Mavericks have the opportunity to regain elite status. The Mavericks have never been shy to excessively exceeding the salary cap, so with the expiring contracts of Jason Kidd, Devean George, and several smaller contracts. There has also been rumor about the Mavericks acquiring Stephon Marbury, but that seems like forbidden territory - conflicting personalities, Marbury would still be the backup.

Second, the Boston Celtics (who have also been prompted with Stephon Marbury) are looking to acquire another player and strengthen the roster after losing key pieces in PJ Brown and James Posey. The Celtics do not have a series of expiring contracts to offer, but do have a couple of nice pieces on their roster.

There are also a number of teams with a fair share of expiring contracts which includes the Hawks with nine, the Pacers with seven, the Bucks with eight, the Thunder with seven, the Magic with eight, and the Jazz with nine expiring contracts. However, the Hawks are in the transition of turning their rebuilding period into a contention period so they should look to keep the core of their roster and possibly catch a free agent that will propel the team to the next level. The Magic find themselves atop of their division and may not want to mess with the team roster or chemistry regardless of improvement. And the Jazz, should look to resign most of the free agents as they have found their way to western prominence with its roster. As to the Pacers, Bucks, and Thunder - instead of waiting two years and costing yourself tons of fan support, attempt to snag some talent for your contracts and possibly contend.
It is important to consider that the teams should keep a team focus insight and not just attempt to build up as much talent as possible without a system; otherwise, the organization will find itself in the same fiasco the Knicks faced under Isiah Thomas.

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