Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ESPN = Contradicition Nation - November 18, 2008

Recently, it has been reported that ESPN has agreed to terms with BCS to broadcast most of the bowl Championship games.

Now this should come off as appalling to most ESPN watchers since ESPN built, started, and is driving the Bandwagon behind overhauling the BCS system; however, they take the terrible burden of broadcasting the games. Why would ESPN ever want to dip its fingers into the multi-million dollar fiasco called the BCS? Why tarnish the flawless ESPN name with such a corrupt system?

As an avid sports fan I would appreciate an alternative channel that would broadcast sporting events and news on a 24 hour basis. A channel that provides biased accounts of arguments from both ends of the spectrum, not just the side that makes the channel look good. Or maybe create channels such as Fox Soccer, NFL Network, and NBA TV for all sports, and allow these channels to be broadcasted as standard "cable" channels as opposed to secondary channels that require extra payments.

Its nice to have sources like Walmart where you can get a lot for a little, but sometimes it nice to have little personal service so that you enjoy the experience and receive individual attention on specific aspects that wouldn't be covered by a giant multimedia company that attempts to broadcast and satisfy the interest of the supposed American athletics fan.

All I'm asking for is sincerity.

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