Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crabtree over Harrell - November 19, 2008

Graham Harrell receives way too much credit as the Texas Tech quarterback; thus, he should not be the Heisman frontrunner.

Harrell has great stats, but that shouldn't be the driving force behind his candidacy - Colt Brennen had ridiculous stats with Hawai'i and he didn't win the Heisman. Second, system, system, system. Mike Leach was created an innovative West Coast offense that uses the run effectively, so the field is already spread because the defenses do not know what to expect. Tech was been unstoppable at times - it is simply not just Harrell, when back up Taylor Potts came in for a game ending drive, he ended up leading the team to a touchdown without throwing a single incompletion.

To make matters easier, Harrell also has the best receiver in college football: Michael Crabtree. The only way to stop Crabtree is to double team him. This would work well in most situation, but Tech also has Lewis and Britton - to reliable receivers that rarely drop passes when they are open.

And if it couldn't get any easier for Harrell, it does: he has one of the best if not the best offensive lines in the nation. The group works well together giving Harrell enough time to do the hokey pokey, drink two coffees, and fix his wireless networking problem.

So then Why Crabtree if Harrell has all of these accommodations?

Well Crabtree is the reason that it all works. As previously mentioned, Crabtree demands double teams. Not only do teams have to spread the field, but they have to expend another player to accompany Crabtree. In addition, Crabtree is reliable. Remember the last play of the Texas Tech/Texas game when Graham Harrell threw the game winning touchdown pass. Guess which receiver made a brilliant off the ball move to open up the double team followed by nifty footwork to stay in bounds and then shear man power to break away from a tackle and into the endzone?

Crabtree is an impact player, but he also has the stats which make him a viable candidate - over one thousand receiving yards and a nation leading eighteen touchdowns. The most appealing factor is that his best games are the most important ones.

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