Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heisman Hopefuls VI - October 26, 2008

10. Jarett Dillard (WR - Rice) - Dillard's incredible TD streak has finally come to end against Tulane. Dillard caught four passes for forty one yards and nada a la casa (nothing to the house). Honestly, when I looked at the box score and did not saw Dillard at the top of the receiving section with at least two TDs I was astonished. JD picked a real bad week to have an off week, which was accompanied by three ridiculous games by Scott, Moreno, and Ringer. My fluctuation for Dillard has caused him to free-fall on his bad week, but I am not jumping on the Graham Harrell bandwagon just yet.

9. Javon Ringer (RB - Michigan St.) - Ringer was six yards short of a two hundred game against the Wolverines. Ringer also cashed in two TDs; however, it was against a Michigan D which has a niche for giving up a hundred yards games to the leading rusher (last week Penn State's Roylster ran for 174).

8. Max Hall (QB - BYU) - Hall had 4 TDs with 245 yards and a big 30 yard run, but the Running Rebels are win-less in conference and have only stopped an in-conference opponent to under forty points once.

7. Knowshon Moreno (RB - Georgia) - Knowshon's back and he's better than ever. He ran for 163 yards which included a 68 yard TD run where Moreno hit the right hole, broke a three man tackle to get the first down, recovered, and then out ran the defensive backs for the TD. If Moreno could put one more game together against the Gators, he will be back up for the Heisman contention. Its gonna be a great game next week between UG and UF, especially after last year's shenanigans.

6. Charles Scott (RB - LSU) - Scott did not disappoint anyone as he went up against Moreno and the Georgia Bulldogs. Scott ran for 144 with two TDs. Scott has been more consistent throughout the season than Moreno, but he doesn't have the Heisman flare that comes with the name Knowshon Moreno (not actual name - when you think Knowshon Moreno you think of the youtube video with him jumping over the defender or into the end-zone from the four yard line). Scott is a great back and knows how to break a tackle or two or eleven.

5. Donald Brown (RB - Connecticut) - In my never ending search to find Donald Brown a nickname, Dee-Brown had another big game with 150 yards on the ground accompanied by 2 TDs and 58 yards in the air. Brown now holds the UConn single season rushing record and looks to increase it next week against an underachieving West Virginia team. Brown has had a smooth road this far, but a big part of his resume will be his final two performance of the regular season against South Florida and Pittsburgh (cannot wait to see Brown and LeSean McCoy go at it - should be more impressive than Ringer and Greene).

4. Michael Crabtree (WR - Texas Tech) - Another two TD game for Crabtree. He really opens up the offensive for Graham Harrell and the other Tech receivers. Crabtree deserves an assist of some sort for all the plays where the defenses are so focused on him that they let another receiver just slip by.

3. Chase Daniel (QB - Missouri) - Daniel had a great game against Colorado (5 TDs). There is no question about that, I would just like to see Daniel have a game like this against a dignified defense like the two he played against the last two weeks. Daniel didn't have terrible games, he is the leader of the offense and with threats like Jeremy Maclin he should have been able to manufacture at least one win in the previous two games before Colorado. Daniel's final game against Kansas should be the judgment game of whether or not his is a legitimate candidate, but for now he has to continue to put similar stats as he did last week (maybe not five TDs every week).

2. Sam Bradford (QB - Oklahoma) - Bradford had 255 yards and threw touchdowns in an all out scoring brawl between the Sooners and the Kansas St. Wildcats. The Sooner running game had two backs, each going for one hundred yards. The opposing quarterback, Josh Freeman, threw for 478 yards so it seems that each team failed to contribute on defense causing the stats to inflate. What does hurt Bradford performance significantly, is that his completion percentage was 40.6.

1. Colt McCoy (QB - Texas) - McCoy threw for 391 yards which was accompanied by two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. However, McCoy was off his game, he threw a pick and had a completion percentage of merely 84% (more than double Bradford's). When this is considered one of your less efficient games against a decent Oklahoma State defense, then you know you are having a Heisman worthy season.

Honorable Mention: Dez Bryant, Shonn Greene, Graham Harrell, Percy Harvin, David Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Joe McKnight, Todd Reesing, Marc Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Tim Tebow , Chris Wells, Pat White, John Parker Wilson

Graham Harrell is receiving way too much love on CBS and ESPN. When considering Harrell as a candidate, it must be considered that he plays with the Michael Crabtree (the best receiver in the nation) and on the Red Raiders (which don't exactly play a run first offense). They only ranked team that Tech has played thus far is Kansas and they aren't exactly known for their defense, so when determining Harrell's legitimacy as a candidate I am looking to see what he can do against Texas, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma respectively, in the next three games (especially the physical Texas defense ). I expect Crabtree to struggle in at least one of these games, so that has to be the game in which Harrell steps up and makes some throws to his secondary receivers (and if Crabtree doesn't have a poor game then better for the team and himself; by the way I'm not hoping for him to have a bad game either). In addition, no one showed any love for Colt Brennen as a system quarterback in Hawaii, so why is there no criticism for Harrell?

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