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We Need BCS - December 03, 2006

Okay for the past uhh forever everyone has critizied the BCS and how it is terrible for college football. Constantly at this time of year analysist are picking at this style of playoff and are fighting for a bracket like playoff where all of the top teams get a shot rather than just the supposably top 2 teams. Morally that is clearly thr best solution for all the teams, players, coaches, schools and fans but people are missing someone of the most important aspects of our current system.
First of all how many teams would get into the playoff? Now currently for the championship there are 2 teams with 4 other bowl games allowing the country 10 best to fight it out. Now not always are these teams considered the 10 best but they are defintely up there and I cant remember the last time there was a serious conterversey over the 4 non-title bowls games. And further more there are plenty of other bowl games that teams that finish well can play in. Now most teams get a shot at playing but what happens when all 20,16,12,10,8, or as little as 4 teams are the only ones remaining in December. What does that do for the teams without a shot for a top slot but still had a decent season? Hey Georgia Tech you guys went 9-4 and only lost to ranked opponents 16 and higher besides to rival Georigia by 3 which consisted of Reggie Ball's worst game but you guys are gonna have to begin basketball practice now. Or going Wake Forest terrible season at 11-2 but a total loss margin of 13 points just isnt gonna cut it for the the playoffs. Or telling Clemson that because they were the most dominant team fopr 3/4 of the season and losing by at total of 5 points in 3 of their 4 loses isnt good enough for one last chance to end the season on a high note. Or my favorite is telling Notre Dame, Arkansas and West Virginia that they could play because losing against premiere ranked opponents all but one of the 7 loses is considered an underserving season especially Arksansas who lost to USC, LSU and Florida and telling Darren McFadden that no one wants to see you play is true. Simply the fight for #1 and #2 will continue onto a wider scale when you start adding more teams and causing even more conterversy because there are definetly more 2 and 3 loss schools than 0 and 1 losses.
Another issue is simply time. If you were going to have a longer post season there would need to be a smaller regular season. There would have to be less regular season games because there simply isnt time or energy within the players. Now because there is less games Boise State isnt even a counted for because there undefeated season doesnt post up to the numerous 1 loss teams because there would be less games for upsets and way more studying not allowing for teams to overlook others. What happens when Ohio State, Florida, Wisconsin, Lousiville, Rutgers, USC and even TCU are undefeated. The playoff wouldnt be allowing a ton of unrest. And then you would be talking games away from other teams like Hawaii who have phenomenom Colt Brennan but rather than missing the record by a TD his misses by 10+ because he plays 2, 3 or possibly more games since he season is cut short. Records will be never broken again and then sports wont be as fine if records wont be meant to be broken.
Now without a doubt the single most important factor that we never hear about is cha ching: M-O-N-E-Y. How do you think college football makes all of its dough. In the school bake sales. I think not the bowl games are clearly there for money and advertisement purposes. Let me show you what Im thinking. Lets go through the different bowl games: the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose but is that what they are really called ? Isnt is the Fedex Orange Bowl, and the Allstate Sugar Bowl, as well as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and coninsedently the Citi Rose Bowl. And my favorite is the National Championship Game that has several sponsers rotate the position for there companies name before we say those final 3 words. If you dont see the trend then maybe this will help: take this like to Wikipedia and click on 2 Other Current Bowl Games
There are advertisers that pay the NCAA millions of dollars to put their name before the game. If someone paid you a million dollars to say a companies name before each of your sentence for a week I am sure you would do it. Finally each conference contribute to the NCAA fund with something known as bowl bid. This is the reason that #23 Florida State played #3 Penn State in the Orange Bowl last year. Lucky for the BCS it was a triple overtime game ending in a 26-23 win for Penn. But the finally result was that the ACC sent an enclosed enevlope to the BCS machine and said let one of our teams play in a big game every year. But to be fair every couple of years other conferences can submit more money to attempt to secure a bid.
The constant battle between #2 vs #3 is definetly worth it for the NCAA rather losing tons of money and increasing the fight to a more broad scale. And this little league like system where everyone gets a chance at the end turn out to help more schools rather than degrade them because everyone will ultimately turn out. On January 9 whether it is Florida or Michigan that loses to Ohio State we know Ohio State would probably beat the other who is happy with whatever bowl game they one.

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