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Power Teams - May 18, 2006

What is the formula for a good basketball team?
1) Defense Defense Defense - Defense is the most crucial factor to a team's success. Just take a look at the dominate forces of the NBA today: Detriot Pistons, Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons and Mavs rank 1, 2 in the NBA in points allowed while the Spurs are 10th. All of these teams take major pride in their D and everytime a team is attacking the basket there are going to be players that will contest the attackers. Another vital part of defense is being able to shift defensives schemes successfully with havok. All of these Teams are able to do that and that makes their team so good.
2) A team player SG - When you think of the Shooting Guard position you think of beastly scorers like Kobe, Vince, LeBron and Wade. But a good SG is a guy that hustles and makes his easy shoots. Rip Hamilton is probably the best at doing that. He is constantly running around, setting screens and picks, coming off them and it is extremly hard to keep up with him. Rip takes accurate open shoots and that allows him to be affective. Rip doesn't force shoots or try to drive early which doesnt waste possessions for his team. For the Spurs their key man is Manu Ginobilli. He hustles more than anyother player in the NBA. He is constantly sacrificing his body, diving, grabbing passes and hitting the boards no matter where he is. He is also always trying to get open which allows him to be extremly affective as well. For the Mavs they have Josh Howard and Jerry Stackhouse. The more effective player is Howard thou. Basically everytime Howard scores over 20 the Mavs win. Howard is a large SG that hustles and get plenty of easy points. Stackhouse is also a great shooter and a valuable veteran to have on the time but he is getting older and is beginning to rust. But usually if one of them isnt having a good night the other is. The Mavs have 2 well balanced SG which allow them to have success too.
3) A Dynamic PF - this is probably the most self-explainitory. Let me just give you the names. Rasheed Wallace, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan. You can give all of these guys a decent Hall of Fame argument not to metion what they mean to their teams. First Rasheed: whats better than an animal for a PF. He can post up anyone in the NBA and make them look like they are in 1st grade. The man also has one of the best baseline turnarounds ever. Once Rasheed's back is turned on you, you might as well just jump in the toaster and make yourself toast. Rasheed also has the ability to just pop a shot in your face which makes him virtually un predictable and unguardable. Then there is Dirk: the guy is 7 feet and is ranked 17th in shooting. He is a better 3-Point shooter than most guards which makes him insane. And by the way he is 7 feet so a little turnaround hook is untouchable unless your sitting on Yao Ming's shoulders. The only problem with Dirk is that when he is cold he can bring the whole team down because then he tries to do too much, but he still gets at least 20 a game so that makes him a hard guy to match up with. Finally there is Tim Duncan who is the most underestimated-overrated player in the NBA. Most people think Timmy can do what every he wants in the low post and thats it. Well he cant when he is cold, and Timmy has been cold a little too much at the end of the season. Otherwise the man is unstoppable. What people don't know about Tim is that he can pop a mid-range shot in your face any day and can drive and finish with the best hook-shot in the NBA. Duncan's only weakness regularly is being able to stay contistant all night and his free throws. His form isnt nice but he is relying a little too much on luck and fortunately for him he is getting it. The PF's of these teams make them what they are.
4) A Consistant PG - Tony Parker, Chanuncey Billups and Jason Terry - the most underrated player in the NBA - is a pretty nice group to be part of. Each one of these guys brings it every night and for those nights that the scoring column isnt glowing the assists are definitely. They also play tough D which makes them even more valuable to their teams. All of these players have been consistant their whole careers but people dont notice it. Billups who was a dominating force with Hamilton have always put up great number since coming to Detriot. Terry has also been great throughout his career. Every since his sophmore year he has been puting up double digits with atleast 4 assists. Tony Parkers has also put up similar numbers as to Terry but he has been noticed sooner because his team won it all.
5)Unselfish Depth Players -
The Pistons have Tayshaun Prince, Lindsay Hunter, Tony Delk, Maurice Evans, Antonio McDyess, and Dale Davis
The Spurs have Nick Van Exel, Michael Finley, Brent Barry, Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, Rasho Nestarovich and Nazr Mohummed
The Mavericks have Devin Harris, Marquis Daniels, Adrian Griffin, Keith Van Horn, Erick Dampier and Desenga Diop
The point is that each of the teams has atleast 6 players that can come into the game and make a difference at anytime.
Quick Review of roles of each position for success:PG - can control tempo and has ability to transfer coach's intitives to the courtSG - overall scorer that can go one on one in isolation and create for oneselfSF - great athlete, quick, strong, jumping abilityPF - fundament on O and D, can score with post move adding dynamic factor to OC - create presense in paint and wear down opponent

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