Friday, September 12, 2008

NBA Finals - June 08, 2006

This year's NBA finals is one of the most important Finals in the NBA history. No I am not out of my mind let me show you. In NBA History there has always been Dynamic Duos and then there have been complete squads. This is one of the first ERAs in which the are Dynamic Duos like Shaq and Wade, and well balanced team like the Mavs. Which ever team prevailes will revolutionize how to pick your team and what to build around. After many years we will be able to see what it takes to win it all. If the Heat do win the series it will cause even bigger trends because most teams are trying to make a decent roster not just an allstar pair. You might see some big trades over the season or not, it all depends on this series.
Now this series can go either way. I think the Heat can win easily if they make one minor adjustment after a slow, well controlled paced first game because if the Heat try to push the Mavs the Mavs have just played the Suns and are ready for the fast paced game. The Heat should make sure there is a limited amount of turnovers and fastbreak points so that the Mavs need to take it down a notch and relax, now the Heat can either take game 1 or basically blow it and set up for the rest of the series. So back to the move after the series crishma is in action: Rather than Haslem or Walker put in Mourning so the Shaq and Alonzo are in at the same time. Now if you know the Mavs you know that they have 6 guys 6-10 or taller but that doesnt mean smack. Unfortuanately there are very few players able to stop Shaq besides himself and the Mavs dont have a player that can do it alone. Now to clearify a little let me tell you the 6-10+ guys on the Mavs: Keith Van Horn, Dirk Norwitzki, Erick Dampier, Desgana Diop, DJ Menega, and Pavol Podkolzin. Out of them only Dirk, Erick and Diop and qualitfied to even guard A.M. So you can elimante the other 3. Dirk is good and all but no way in the world can he touch Shaq down low so if he guards Mourning that can be an okay match-up. Then if Shaq is having a decent game you need to double team him because Shaq will demolish Diop or Erick alone, physically and mentally. So now you have 3 players down low otherwise the Heat can just pound it in to Shaq and Mouring leaving to 2 players to cover the perimeter. With J-Will, Flash, and Posey or Walker at the arc there is no way the Heat can lose.
The Mavs will win the series regardless what the Heat do unless they put Shaq and Mouring together. The Mavs currently have a top notch D that is currently better that the Pistons' in the playoffs. The Mavs have some very unique players in Dirk and Howard making them an extremely dangerous team. Especially with Avery Johnson coaching. The Mavs win the series. Now most people say the team in how many games let me break it down for you what that means.
In 4 games - Demolishion Dirby, no way to stop them.
In 5 games - Picking the favorite but just being safe.
In 6 games - Probably the most commonly picked series: The teams are close but one team has some sort of an edge that makes them look nice
In 7 games - You dont know who is going to win

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