Friday, September 12, 2008

International Playoff - January 16, 2007

The U.S is the most athletically talented country in the world but lately that hasnt been demonstrated in International competition. This is especially true for basketball, one of the most talented fields in american sports. During events like the Olympics the U.S. just puts a bunch of players that are willing to play together against teams that spent more than a week together practicing. Also the scheduling of events like the Olympics is planned after the dreadful NBA season which takes its toll on the players. This is an extreme advantage to the non-NBA players against them.
What should be instated is a tournement similar to the UEFA of soccer and league of champions. NBA teams should compete against iinternational teams with their regular day-to-day teams such as the San Antonio Spurs or New York Knicks as opposed to TEAM USA. If players played with guys they already have a bond with this could easily show the US' superiority to the international teams. The world basketball should follow world soccer and form these worldwide tournements to really see who is the best.
The NBA tried something similar to this with NBA Europe Live but this was unsuccessful because the highly seasoned European teams in peak physic played the out of shape, drunk NBA players in games they didnt care about. If a serious systems was in place the competition would be played at a higher level and teams would continue to strive even at the end of the year with hope to win this. The NBA could slighty shorten it length and work with Europe to replicate the UEFA.

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