Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heisman Hopefuls - September 24, 2008

10. Chris "Beanie" Wells (RB - Ohio St.) - Missing the game against SC has really hurt his chances of winning the trophy. The game was his opportunity to distinguish himself as the elite running back, but because of injury he will have to pull together a flawless season for consideration.

9. Sam Bradford (QB - Georgia) - There is way to much talent on the Georgia offense to give the quarterback all the credit. Yes he had a tremendous freshman year, yes he runs the offense smoothly, but he also has Moreno lining up next to him who does wonders for an offense. He also had A.J. Green who is one of the best receivers in college football (Ranked the #2 WR in the '07 class) along with Moore and Massaquoi. Bradford and Tebow have a tremendous amount of talent around them, in terms of value to his team Joe Cox (backup for UG) can come out and keep the Bulldogs in contention while the Florida offense if built around Tebow. Bradford is a legit candidate without a doubt - his team has just too much talent and depth to pin point him as the nucleus. As for Moreno, if you go from Moreno to Caleb King (backup RB), you still have a great running back he just isn't Moreno.

8 . Javon Ringer (RB - Michigan St.) - His stats thus far have been ridiculous: 700 yards, 11 TDs. But I don' think that lightning will be able to keep up this ridiculous line with the loss of Devin Thomas and Jehuu Caulcrick, however, if he can prove me wrong then he will undoubtedly be the Heisman with this stat line in the Big Ten.

7. Colt McCoy (QB - Texas) - His efficiency is one of the best if not the best in college football. He doesn't make mistakes which is the exact offense that the Texas system needs since they have been able to provide some of the best defenses in recent years.

6. Charles Scott (RB - LSU) - Over 100 yards in his first three games including 132 at Auburn. If he can keep up a relative pace against the LSU schedule, he should definitely be a serious candidate at the end of the season.

5. Max Hall (QB - BYU) - I haven't seen Hall play yet but his stats definitely provide him with a solid argument for the Heisman Trophy (15 TDs, 74% completion, almost 1,300 yards already).

4. Tim Tebow (QB - Florida) - The 2007 Heisman winner has fallen out of all of the discussions. Maybe the analysts are realizing how much talent is actually on this squad degrading Tebow's accomplishments; however, if he can be a dominant force in the air and on the ground again then he should get some votes at the end of the season. The Florida offense if built around Tebow and if he doesn't play at the level he needs to or if is hurt then it will be hard for the Gators to pull out a win.

3. Michael Crabtree (WR - Texas Tech) - Great receiving stats last year brought his name up for Heisman consideration, this year he can come close if he is able to match last season's numbers with a little more.

2. Chase Daniel (QB - Missouri) - Last year Daniel brought Missouri into the top ten with some noodles. Daniel is a smart quarterback, he isn't going to be on highlight reel pulling for 20 yards run or throwing the ball 80 yards; what he is going to do is win.

1. Knowshon Moreno (RB - Georgia) - Try to watch some film of this back without saying wow. We have all seen the videos of him making ridiculous moves, but we must also consider how he opens the field up for the Bulldogs. Defenses must have the line of scrimmage covered from end to end because he can hit the holes and bounce to the outside for yards. This opens the rest of the field for Sam Bradford and the rest of the offense.

Honorable Mention: Donald Brown, Graham Harrell, Percy Harvin, David Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, Joe McKnight, Todd Reesing, Marc Sanchez, Pat White

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