Monday, September 29, 2008

Heisman Hopefuls II - September 29, 2008

Greatest apologies to Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford for the confusion. Basically, I thought Sam Bradford of Oklahoma was Matt Stafford of Georgia, so all the comments about his talent and fluidity with the system are upheld, but the reasons I ripped on him for are unjustified. Most sincerest condolences to both.

10. Donald Brown (RB - Connecticut) - similar situation to Max Hall where I haven't seen either of the players play this season, but his remarkable stats (900 yards, 11 TDs) earn him some recognition.

9. Tim Tebow (QB - Florida) - Tebow finally had a game where his stats flourished, but the Gators lost which hurts a QB more than a poor game this early in the season. QBs are on a double standard since so many of them are considered for the Heisman trophy (because they supposedly lead their teams - which in essence is true but not always).

8 . Javon Ringer (RB - Michigan St.) - Javon Ringer flat out tore up Indiana last week. I am still not sold of Ringer though. This week the Spartans will take on the hawkeyes who have only allowed one feature back to go for 100 yards this season. It will be an exciting game watching Ringer and Greene go at it on the ground, both being solid backs.

7. Colt McCoy (QB - Texas) - It is fair to say that McCoy is the most efficient passer in the college game. A completion percentage of 89.4 against Arkansas is remarkable, along with an average of about 80 on the season, not to mention that McCoy is also excellent with his feet. With his style of play, McCoy should be consistent week in and week out so when other players fall to inconsistency McCoy should be able to creep up the list.

6. Michael Crabtree (WR - Texas Tech) - Crabtree hasn't lived up to the hype that I expected of him. He is one of the premier receivers with almost 500 yards and 6 TDs which is great, but in the early stages of the season, Crabtree hasn't racked up the stats he could of against the teams that Tech has faced. His stats thus far, have been great, just not what I expected of him.

5. Charles Scott (RB - LSU) - Scott ran for another 100 yard game, this time against Mississippi St. Scott hasn't rec ivied a load of media coverage as a Heisman candidate, but this type of performance in the SEC while earn him serious consideration

4. Max Hall (QB - BYU) - Hall moved up too while on a bye week. Hall's stats are inflated because of the game against UCLA; however, he has maintained an excellent completion percentage making him a viable candidate.

3. Sam Bradford (QB - Oklahoma) - again greatest apologies. Bradford and the Sooners are now the number one team in the nation making Bradford a legitimate candidate. Last year he showed that he was capable of excelling in the OU system, this year he was flourished with almost 1300 yards, 16 TDs, and only 2 INTs. If Moreno doesn't rebound next week look for Bradford to solidify the number 2.

2. Knowshon Moreno (RB - Georgia) - rough week for the Bulldogs; only 34 on the ground for Moreno slips him a spot.

1. Chase Daniel (QB - Missouri) - The tigers were off last week, so Daniel becomes the leading candidate after an insufficient game by Moreno. Daniel definitely deserves this position as number one with over 1400 yards and only a single pick on the season.

Honorable Mention: Graham Harrell, Percy Harvin, David Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, Joe McKnight, Todd Reesing, Marc Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Chris Wells, Pat White, John Parker Wilson

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