Friday, September 12, 2008

Fantasy Football, Olympics, Baseball - August 30, 2008


This year I have been trying a new draft strategy. In the first seven or eight round, in all of my leagues I have only selected RB's or WR's. Then I select a QB or TE at appropriate positions and then finally select a Defense and Kicker in the last two rounds. I have tried to select only one QB, one TE, one DEF, and one K. Then I would select another QB or TE whose bye week did not interfere with the my primary QB and TE. So basically, by the time the second to last round came I'd have a collection of RB's and WR's along with a QB, TE, and another QB/TE. In the finally rounds I would select a DEF and K that had bye weeks different from the other positions where I selected only a single player. This way I would I could drop the second QB/TE and pick up the position with the bye week. As for QB, my team have Jay Cutler, Matt Hasselback, and Marc Bulger. But I am not too worried; last year it was possible to pick up QB's like Derek Anderson, Brett Favre, and Jon Kitna mid-season. So if my guys are busts I can find one in the free agent pool without having to hassle trades. Then TE have two tiers. There is Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark, Kellen Winslow, Jason Witten, and Chris Cooley and then there is everyone else. At the top of the second tier is Heath Miller who I have targeted in my leagues. Miller steals a bunch of the red-zone TD's from Willie Parker, and now with more experience and rookie Rashard Mendenhall instead of Davenport, Miller should get more TD's early in the season until Mendenhall finds his place. As for Defense Seattle and Tampa Bay have found themselves into my lap but again if neither has the season expected of them I am sure there will be a decent time I can plug in as there always is in the DEF position. As for kicker Mason Crosby is fine with me after his spectacular rookie season. Now if Rodgers is not able to fill the role of QB well, it will lead to tons of long field goals which is great for Crosby but quite unfortunate for the Packers. And again, if Crosby has a rough season there will be tons of K's out there who I can pickup and will end up with fine seasons. This strategy has left me with some impressive potential for multiple players that can break 200 fantasy points and with a fair amount of trade bait since I have most of the premiere RB's and WR's. Of my three teams look at what I have:Team 1: RB - Portis, McGahee, Bush, James, Graham; WR - A. Johnson, Burress, Driver, Reggie Brown, MasonTeam 2: RB - AP, McGahee, Morris; WR - A. Johnson, Holt, Steve Smith (Car), Jennings, Bowe, Galloway, Curtis, Reggie BrownTeam 3: RB - LT, Ronnie Brown, McFadden, James, R. Johnson (hoping he gets picked up); WR - A. Johnson, Edwards, Evans, Reggie Brown, Mason, CurryI am quite high on Andre Johnson and Reggie Brown. Johnson is one of the best receivers in the league and had on the best seasons despite being out 7 games. Brown is going to be the number one in Phily and if he has a good game he will remain the number one when Curits returns. Brown is entering his fourth and should be ready for a monster season with a healthy McNabb. As for Running Back I am a bit worried about McGahee, since the team seems to really like Ray Rice. He is one of the most consistent fantasy players and he should be able to have another successful season.

OLYMPIC MEDAL COUNTInstead of ranking countries by the number of gold medals or total medals they should be ranked by medal value on the web. Gold medals should be worth three points, a silver two, and a bronze one. No special reward should come about but there will be a clear cut winner using the is point value system.

CHINA THE OLYMPIC DISGRACEThe first issue is how many table tennis, judo, takewondo, and diving events can there be? If it is customary for the Olympics to have the allotted number of events that took place in each sport then I am fine with that. But it seems that China has added a couple extra in the events that they are successful at. Then how about the underage girls. Common; if you are going to cheat at least do it so that no one finds out.


A couple of sports that should be included are Lacrosse, American Football, Australian Football, and Cricket. The last three are some of the most popular sports in the world. As for Lacrosse, it still may take a few years until if reaches the global stage but I am hoping that it can be come an Olympic event in the near future.


Over the summer I have had the opportunity to watch some baseball and there are some definite parallels between the sport and the ways of American living. First, cheating and pushing the rules to the limits, whether it be stealing signals or substance abuse teams and players have tried to go outside the boundaries to succeed. Second, Capitalism: baseball is the only sport without a salary cap whoever there are tax balances to keep things on a level scale as there are laws in the American economy. Number three is gambling, Pete Rose, the Black Sox scandal and all of the gambling on baseball. Somehow the America's favorite activity has found its way in to her favorite sport. Forth, Alcohol: Beer and baseball have become synonymous with one another. Finally the baseball, which is composed of cork, leather, and stitch; all of which tell unique stories about our history.

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