Friday, September 12, 2008

Bracketism 103 - February 15, 2008

1 Memphis
16 American/Alabama St.
8 Mississippi St.
9 Gonzaga
5 Wisconsin
12 Arizona St.
4 Drake
13 Davidson
6 Louisville
11 VCU
3 Texas
14 Western Kentucky
7 Clemson
10 West Virginia
2 Georgetown
15 Utah St.

16 Morgan St.
8 George Mason
5 Pittsburgh
12 Arkansas
4 Indiana
13 Oral Roberts
6 Purdue
11 Syracuse
3 Texas A&M
14 Belmont
7 St. Mary's
10 Oregon
2 Duke
15 Portland St.


16 Rider
9 Florida
5 Kansas St.
12 Houston
4 Connecticut
13 Wagner
6 Vanderbilt
11 Baylor
3 Butler
14 MD Baltimore Cty.
7 Marquette
10 Creighton
2 Stanford
15 CSU Northridge

1 Kansas
16 Lamar
8 Illinois St.
9 NC Asheville
5 Xaiver
12 Ohio St.
4 Washington St.
6 Notre Dame
11 Kent St.
3 Michigan St.
14 Cornell
7 Arizona
2 Tennessee
15 Austin Peay

Last Four Out - California, Cincinnati, Mississippi, Seton Hall
Next Four Out - Kentucky, Rhode Island, Dayton, Wake Forest
Four More Out - St. Joseph's, Boston College, Villanova, Texas Tech

Notes: I am all for you, the viewers making comments and sending me messages; when you do comment or send a message please provide at least 3 facts supporting your opinion. I have no problem if you have a decent point that conflicts with my view (please note the date, if you are view this a week from now please realize that a lot has happened in the week of basketball). If you write something and find it difficult to back up what you said then you may want to rethink what you say because you maybe embarrassing yourself. It's okay when you guys send me these messages that are solely opinion and have absolutely no fact to back it up, but when you are conversing with other people who have a substantial amount of information about the topic you are discussing then you end up looking silly at the end when you cant back up what you say. I'd like to give props to Voltaire and the other Philosophers of the Enlightenment and if you have any questions about my reasoning feel free to contact me and I'll surely respond if you make your email address available.

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