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2008 NBA Mock Draft II - June 24, 2008

Even though Michael Beasley is clearly the better player and may end up as one of the greatest offensive forces in the history of basketball; it seems that the Bulls are going to take Derrick Rose according to numerous rumors around the web. So for the sake of accuracy Derrick Rose will be the first pick in my mock draft as opposed to Michael Beasley who seems to be the more appropriate player since the Bulls are lacking a reliant offensive power forward.The Second Round has also been altered so that the picks inflict the team's needs as opposed to skill and possible output.

First Round

1. Chicago - Derrick Rose - he is the best point guard in the draft but did not sparkle the way Beasley did in college; at points Rose lacked the composure and confidence to lead Memphis; I would probably have him lower if there wasn’t so much hype for him being drafted at number one; he is going to be a great player but just doesn’t have the same potential that Beasley or Mayo can bring
2. Miami -Michael Beasley - most dominant offensive player in college basketball; he can do anything on the offensive end; he has the athleticism and frame to become a great defender
3. Minnesota - O.J. Mayo - probably the smartest guard in the draft, despite off the court issues; he lacked composure in some tough situations, but generally made the best decision on the court; he combine playmaking ability with the confidence needed to take the last shot
4. Seattle - Jerryd Bayless- he has the great ability of penetration which can really help in collapsing the defense; he has the ability to play either point or wing, but may lack the size to keep up with 2’s
5. Memphis- Kevin Love - do not understand why he wasn’t at the top of most mock drafts earlier in the year but at least he is up here now; like Mayo, Love has a great basketball instinct which gives him the edge over most of the other players entering the draft; he has been developing a big-man skill set needed to succeed in the pros; he is also great on inbound passes
6. New York - D.J. Augustin - hopefully Isiah Thomas can make the right pick and take this great guard who has the best playmaking ability in the draft (yes better than Rose and Bayless); just a great, quick guard, he may be a little small, but that is usually fixed in the transition to the NBA
7. LA Clippers- Eric Gordon - he is liked O.J. Mayo skill wise but doesn’t have the same Basketball IQ which drops him to number seven; he can score on demand, but plays lackadaisical defense which is going to have to change
8. Milwaukee - Russell Westbrook - just an athletic monster; he did not strive at UCLA but has the athleticism with just a great frame to become effective on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court; he has a large window to improve and become a good guard in the NBA, it is just going to take some time
9. Charlotte - Brook Lopez - he is great down on the block with a hook shot that can become deadly at this level; he is also a decent shot blocker; this combination may allow him to play earlier than other prospects; also has a good elbow jump shot which makes defenders have to come out and guard him outside the paint
10. New Jersey - Anthony Randolph - another raw talent like Russell Westbrook; really talented forward who is great on the defensive end, but will need to improve his offensive game
11. Indiana - Joe Alexander - really emotional player who has the athleticism and skill set to become an effective small forward; really the ideal player at the spot - give great effort when he’s in the game; a good mid-range jumper; just a bundle of energy
12. Sacramento - Danilo Gallinari - he has strived on the European stage; seems to be similar to Garbajosa, over-sized 3, that may lack the build to play the 4 effectively
13. Portland - Darrell Arthur - just a solid 4; he has the low block game with the size to compete in the NBA; he will be able to defend other 4’s on the defensive end; he seems ideal to fit the position and be come successful
14. Golden State - JaVale McGee - he has the size to be an effective center but needs to raise his Basketball IQ and needs to apply way more effort than he did in college
15. Phoenix (From Atlanta) - Donte Green - he can replace and give more than what Marion provided offensively, but he will need to become more consistent on the defensive end; when he starts going he is basically impossible to stop - a great versatility with a remarkable ability to shot from the mid range outward; he simply lacks consistency, if that can improve he can become a real force in the league
16. Philadelphia - Marreese Speights - he is athletic and a big enough to be a solid 4 or 5, but lacks the focus to become a true steal; he has the ability to become a stud, but needs to put the time into it
17. Toronto - Kosta Koufos - in Toronto’s never-ending search to find a European center Koufos is next; however, he has the ability to become with a solid low post game and a solid mid-range shot and great awareness with passing ability; Koufos has the ability to become a solid center in the NBA
18. Washington - DeAndre Jordan - Jordan has been slipping since they beginning of the season when he was projected to be a lottery pick; his lack of success in college has caused for concern yet he still contains the size and potential to be a solid center
19. Cleveland - Nicholas Batum - he was a fundamental, mid-range offensive and plays defense which make him a good fit for the Cavs; he’s another tall 3 that is quick and has the athleticism to compete well at the position
20. Denver - Alexis Ajinca - he has the skill set and athleticism to become a successful big man in the league; his game is definitely going to take some polishing before he can become any bit effective, but it may be worth the risk
21. New Jersey (from Dallas) - Brandon Rush - he is a solid 2 that plays great defense in complement to his consistent offensive output; he was the perfect mentality to become a solid role player on any squad
22. Orlando - Robin Lopez - he is easily the most overrated player in the draft; he brings great emotion and effort to the game but simply lacks the IQ and skill set to become successful; he will probably end up being similar to Anderson Varejao of Cleveland
23. Utah - Chris Douglas-Roberts - just a versatile, athletic 3 who will become difficult to keep up with for defenders; he is mentally tough and is deadly on give and goes and slashes; also good on the defensive end of the court
24. Seattle (from Phoenix) - Courtney Lee - he is the ideal shooting guard on the offensive end and is also willing to play D, but the fact that he is a senior causes him to slip
25. Houston - Serge Ikaka - this beast out of Congo has increbible athleticism (could probably be a solid linebacker or defensive end), yet lacks the basketball touch; he can become successful on the defensive end but lacks the offensive ability to become success - a real work in progress
26. San Antonio - Mario Chalmers - similar to his teammate Brandon Rush, except his shorter making him more of a combo guard with more point guard instinct; again a solid mentality which can make him successful coming off the bench
27. New Orleans - Roy Hibbert - again another senior, whose age has caused him to slip but he contains the offensive and defensive fundamentals that will allow him to build on and become a solid contributor to any team; he isn’t flashy but will do what he needs to do to win; this 7 footer has also hit a three to win a game - 100% from the 3 point line in his college career (only took that one)
28. Memphis (from LA Lakers) - Nathan Jawai - played well in Australia because of his physical dominance but will play against players with builds similar to him which will hurt his performance tremendously; however; he has been working on his post moves which should in his possible success
29. Detroit - DeVon Hardin - he withdraw from the draft last year when he was supposed to go earlier in the draft but adding another year to his age has caused him to slip just as it has to dozens of other; Hardin is a decent big man who had some success against other bigs in the Pac-10; he has the size and frame to become reliable later in his career
30. Boston - Bill Walker - he has been overshadowed for most of his career playing with O.J. Mayo and Michael Beasley; he does have the offensive ability and knowledge to become successful 3

Second Round

31. Minnesota (from Miami via Boston) - Javon Jefferson
32. Seattle - Jason Thompson
33. Portland (from Memphis) - Richard Hendrix
34. Minnesota* (may go to Detroit) - J.J. Hickson
35. LA Clippers -Ryan Anderson
36. Portland (from New York) - Kyle Weaver
37. Milwaukee - D.J. White
38. Charlotte - Jamont Gordon
39. Chicago - Omer Asik
40. New Jersey - Trent Plaisted
41. Indiana - Gary Forbes
42. Sacramento (from Atlanta) - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
43. Sacramento - Sean Singletary
44. Utah (from Philadelphia) - Mike Taylor
45. San Antonio (from Toronto) -Marcus Dove
46. Seattle (from Portland via Boston) - Ante Tomik
47. Washington - JR Giddens
48. Phoenix (from Cleveland) - Nikola Pekovic
49. Golden State - Shaun Foster
50. Seattle (from Denver) - Joey Dorsey
51. Dallas - Hairston Malik
52. Miami (from Orlando) - Chris Lofton
53. Utah - Drew Neitzel
54. Houston - Longar Longar
55. Portland (from Phoenix via Indiana) - Sonny Weems
56. Seattle (from New Orleans via Houston) - Derrick Low
57. San Antonio - Semih Erden
58. LA Lakers - Maarty Leunen
59. Detroit - Darrnell Jackson
60. Boston - Jason Richards
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