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2007 NBA Mock Draft - June 20, 2007

NBA Mock Draft 2007
First Round
1. Portland - Greg Oden, obvious choice

2. Seattle - Kevin Durant, obvious choice but will bring exactly what they will lose from Rashard Lewis

3. Atlanta - Al Horford, rumors that say Al is their pick

4. Memphis - Mike Conley Jr., young PG that will be rounded into an ideal NBA player (willing to learn)

5. Boston - Yi Jianlian, giant period, good around the perimeter and can drive

6. Milwaukee - Corey Brewer, versatile athlete that will complement Redd

7. Minnesota - Brandon Wright, talented with back to rim and good low post presence

8. Charlotte - Jeff Green, on the rise pure athlete, will be able to physically compete but his game may not be shaped enough, keeps the young attitude in charlotte

9. Chicago - Joakim Noah, beast, can give low post presence

10. Sacramento - Julian Wright, tough big man that can make sudden impact, can be the missing low post presence for the kings

11. Atlanta - Acie Law, the team needs a PG, probably the most NBA-ready player in draft

12. Philadelphia - Spencer Hawes, decent young man that can support Dalembert, poor season with too much hype, will be pushed into NBA form

13. New Orleans - Thaddeus Young, young superstar, 18 year old athlete, can probably play any sport, just a great athlete, also has basketball talent

14. LA Clippers - Al Thornton, phenomenal basketball player, carried the Florida St. team the entire year on his back, like Acie Law his draft number is lower because he is a senior but can come in and make immediate impact

15. Detroit - Nick Young, good scorer, will provide needed depth late in games (has late game experience)

16. Washington - Rodney Stuckey, just a pure athlete, very versatile, can run the court well and will strap down on D

17. New Jersey - Sean Williams, will solver NJ's problem: no big man toughness, will provide substantial defensive needs for the Nets, averaged 5 blocks a game

18. Golden State - Josh McRoberts, perfect for nelson's offence, point guard trapped in big man body, can run the floor well, definite threat for the break, just a perfect fit

19. LA Lakers - Javaris Crittenton, will drop a little because he has been overrated recently, will provide some up-tempo ball for the LA fan, if Thornton is picked before #14 look for Javaris to be picked there

20. Miami - Rudy Fernández, good young shooter with much needed energy for the old Miami team, him and Kapono will be deadly

21. Philadelphia - Taurean Green, team needs a young back up PG since Louis Williams isn’t working out

22. Charlotte - Morris Almond, good shooter that will create a mid sized offensive threat to spread floor

23. New York - Jared Dudley, hard worker, great passion, NBA ready, great rebounding and defense

24. Phoenix - Marco Belinelli, Phoenix picks the best available foreigners and it happens to be Marco

25. Utah - Tiago Splitter, can provide when Kirlenko and Okur are slumping, works well with the European flow of the Jazz

26. Houston - Jason Smith, possible replacement for Juawn Howard

27. Detroit - Nick Fazekas, good depth for Detroit, dynamic scorer at a big size

28. San Antonio - Alando Tucker, will be biggest steal of NBA draft history, the man is inexplicable, in a game versus Ohio State he lost the ball going up for a shot in the lane then the ball deflected off Oden, Tucker caught the ball in mid air and did a windmill like move, shot it and it went in, his stock will continue to drop but his game won't

29. Phoenix - Aaron Brooks, again he like other seniors is stunted for being older but can come in and make an immediate impact; he can play the long awaited role of back up PG on Phoenix and can play the wing due to great scoring ability

30. Philadelphia - Arron Afflalo, very dangerous offensive threat

Second Round

1 (31). Seattle - Daequan Cook

2 (32). Boston - Derrick Byars

3 (33). San Antonio - Kyrylo Fesenko

4 (34). Dallas - Aaron Gray

5 (35). Seattle - Kyle Visser

6 (36). Golden State - Marcus Williams

7 (37). Portland - Demetris Nichols

8 (38). Philadelphia - Curtis Sumpter

9 (39). Orlando - Jarrius Jackson

10 (40). LA Lakers - Dominic McGuire

11 (41). Minnesota - Dominic James

12 (42). Portland - Zabian Dowdell

13 (43). New Orleans - Wilson Chandler

14 (44). Orlando - Mario Boggan

15 (45). LA Clippers - Gabe Pruitt

16 (46). Golden State - Jamaal Tatum

17 (47). Washington - Herbert Hill

18 (48). LA Lakers - Marc Gasol

19 (49). Chicago - Glen Davis

20 (50). Dallas - Zoran Erceg

21 (51). Chicago - Ramon Sessions

22 (52). Portland - Reyshawn Terry

23 (53). Portland - Trey Johnson

24 (54). Orlando - Jermareo Davidson

25 (55). Utah - Russell Carter

26 (56). Milwaukee - Stanko Barac

27 (57). Detroit - Renaldas Seibutis

28 (58). San Antonio - Jared Jordan

29 (59). Phoenix - Jeremy Hunt

30 (60). Dallas - Ivan Radenovic

Undrafted Prospects - JamesOn Curry, Ekene Ibekwe, Nate Funk, Cartier Martin, Joao Gomes, Ali Traore, Brad Newley, Darryl Watkins, D.J. Strawberry, Jamon Gordon, JR Reynolds, Mustafa Shakur, Ron Lewis, Joseph Jones, Carl Landry

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